Definition of destructive in English:


Syllabification: de·struc·tive
Pronunciation: /dəˈstrəktiv


1Causing great and irreparable harm or damage: the destructive power of weapons
More example sentences
  • However, viruses of the mind can program us to think and behave in ways that are destructive to our lives.
  • Alcohol is as destructive to health worldwide as smoking and high blood pressure, it was claimed today.
  • It's not just that these farms are destructive to the local environment and economy.
devastating, ruinous, disastrous, catastrophic, calamitous, cataclysmic;
harmful, damaging, detrimental, deleterious, injurious, crippling;
violent, savage, fierce, brutal, deadly, lethal
1.1Tending to refute or disparage; negative and unhelpful: destructive criticism
More example sentences
  • Don't be influenced or affected by negative and destructive people around you.
  • Adopt a positive approach and stay away from negative and destructive people.
  • What do you see as the role of meditation in working with destructive emotions and negative emotions?
negative, hostile, vicious, unfriendly;
unhelpful, obstructive, discouraging



More example sentences
  • We want the government to fulfil its promises because if they fail, our people will react destructively.
  • The crux is that when these young men encounter resistance beyond the family for the first time - when they don't get into university or college, for example - they react helplessly and destructively.
  • That would be odd, as they are literally, when gathered in the same room, an explosive force so destructively powerful as to merit the moniker ‘the bomb.’


More example sentences
  • There was a game reserve in South Africa in which a herd of elephants suddenly exhibited uncharacteristic, senseless violence and destructiveness.
  • The wanton destructiveness of modern warfare strengthens this obligation.
  • As against these, the stupendous increase in the destructiveness of air power has been of limited utility in guerrilla war.

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