Definition of dictatorial in English:


Syllabification: dic·ta·to·ri·al
Pronunciation: /ˌdiktəˈtôrēəl


1Of or typical of a ruler with total power: a dictatorial regime
More example sentences
  • Such violent protests might have been tolerated in the past because there were no other channels for expressing opinions during the dictatorial regimes.
  • Mike explains why resistance was so difficult under the rigid, dictatorial regime which still called itself socialist.
  • They rejected a proposal that would have augmented the powers of the already dictatorial presidency.
1.1Having or showing a tendency to tell people what to do in an autocratic way: his dictatorial manner
More example sentences
  • Still, it is clear she disapproves of his conceited manner and dictatorial inclinations.
  • He will be autocratic and dictatorial, and things will only happen his way or not at all.
  • But typically the dictatorial F1 supremo doesn't see this setback as remotely his Waterloo!
domineering, autocratic, authoritarian, oppressive, imperious, officious, overweening, overbearing, peremptory, dogmatic, high and mighty;
severe, strict
informal bossy, high-handed



More example sentences
  • For a few years he ruled dictatorially, keeping the workers quiet with Germany's first social security laws.
  • They lecture on about democracy, but they act dictatorially, and they do not tolerate any difference of opinion.
  • A president may act dictatorially as did Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR - ideally under the sanction of law in a constitutional dictatorship - without temporary crisis arrangements becoming lasting peacetime institutions.

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