Definition of dismount in English:


Syllabification: dis·mount
Pronunciation: /disˈmount


1 [no object] Alight from a horse, bicycle, or other thing that one is riding.
More example sentences
  • After reaching the bank, Weatherford dismounted, checked his horse for injuries and rode away, unharmed.
  • We cover mounting and dismounting and controlling the horse using the reins.
  • I most certainly do not need help dismounting from a horse.
alight, get off/down
1.1 [with object] Cause to fall or alight.
More example sentences
  • Cody, too, is dismounted; his horse, having stumbled in a hole, is shown rearing, perhaps owing to the rattle of gunfire.
  • Also, so many troops have been dismounted and sent on daily patrols that they had to do something.
  • Along the way, as you know, we've had a lot of rain here over those days, a number of the trucks got stuck in quagmires because they were going off road to get there, had to dismount some soldiers.
2 [with object] Remove (something) from its support: we have to dismount the pump
More example sentences
  • Because the unit sits within the wheel hub, there is no chance of damaging it when mounting or dismounting a tire, a potential problem with wheel-mounted tire pressure monitoring units.
  • Mounting and dismounting a bulky snow blade is difficult at best.
  • These are small but necessary details required when dismounting these weapons systems.
2.1 Computing Make (a disk or disk drive) unavailable for use.
More example sentences
  • Chkdsk requires that you reboot your computer so that the hard drive can be dismounted from the operating system.
  • For example, you may want to dismount but not delete a disk service before you back it up.
  • The operator tried to dismount the unix hard drive with the DISMOUNT command.


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A move in which a gymnast jumps off an apparatus or completes a floor exercise: on the uneven bars the women go for ever more complex dismounts
More example sentences
  • He might have been as high as fourth, but on his last move, the dismount from the horizontal bar, he fell and lost half a point.
  • She pretty much nailed everything yesterday, including the dismount.
  • Gill peeled off on his bail to the dismount and landed heavily on his side.


mid 16th century: from dis- + mount1, probably on the pattern of Old French desmonter, medieval Latin dismontare.

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