There are 2 main definitions of disproportionate in English:


Syllabification: dis·pro·por·tion·ate
Pronunciation: /ˌdisprəˈpôrSH(ə)nət


Too large or too small in comparison with something else: people on lower incomes spend a disproportionate amount of their income on fuel their sentences were disproportionate to the offenses they had committed
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  • Of course in reality I know some very nice people with beards (as well as a disproportionate amount of idiots).
  • California bears a disproportionate amount of the cost of illegal immigration.
  • The Sheikh's willingness to spend disproportionate amounts of money for certain objects has astonished the art world.
out of proportion to, not appropriate to, inappropriate to, not commensurate with, incommensurate with, relatively too large/small for;
inordinate for, unreasonable for, excessive for, undue for


mid 16th century: from dis- (expressing absence) + proportionate, on the pattern of French disproportionné.



More example sentences
  • Those serving time in youth jails are disproportionately African American and Latino.
  • They are people whose ardor for war grows disproportionately to their distance from the fighting.
  • Scottish football may not be up to much, yet our small nation is disproportionately well-endowed with big football grounds.


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  • The inconsistency and disproportionateness which has been occasioned in our sentiments of benevolence, offers a curious moral phenomenon.
  • Hence, the disproportionateness of his reactions.
  • Another negative fact is the manifest disproportionateness of the distribution of Hungarian students among the various fields of study.

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There are 2 main definitions of disproportionate in English:


Syllabification: dis·pro·por·tion·ate
Pronunciation: /ˌdisprəˈpôrSHənāt


[no object] Chemistry
Undergo disproportionation: water disproportionates to oxygen and hydrogen
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  • When bubbled through alkaline water, chlorine gas disproportionates to form chloride ion and hypochlorite ion.
  • The rapidly induced production of ROS under stress conditions initially results in the production of O.2 -, which then disproportionates to H 2 O 2 either spontaneously or via superoxide dismutase.
  • The latter disproportionates to H 2 O 2 and O2.

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