Definition of dissected in English:


Syllabification: dis·sect·ed
Pronunciation: /diˈsektid, dī-


1Having been cut up for anatomical study.
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  • This leads King into an extended digression on Michelangelo's use of nudity, including the evidence that the artist had studied dissected corpses in great detail.
  • It is also noted that many artificial fluorogenic substrates have been developed that provide alternative methods and extend the scope of enzymatic reactions that can be studied quantitatively with small dissected samples.
  • In this study, we use one half of dissected lymph nodes for histologic examination and the other half for telomerase assay.
2Having a divided form or structure, in particular.
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  • Our analysis of dissected stems and the outer anatomy of fossil logs indicates that the Eocene Metasequoia were strongly self-pruning.
  • Images included dissected lines on a screen, the subtleties of bird flight expressed through the movements of hands and head, a weaving toy plane.
  • Within the opening room is a tall, minimalist sculpture made of glass, to which a cluster of carefully dissected books has been attached: one blue, one brown, one black.
2.1 Botany (Of a leaf) divided into many deep lobes.
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  • B. erecta is a stoloniferous species, consisting of a rosette of petiolated dissected leaves.
  • True aquatic plant species often have thin, highly dissected leaves, a morphology which is believed to be directed to the optimization of gas exchange underwater.
  • Morphologically, the population is distinguished by having much more dissected leaves than the normal form.
2.2 Geology (Of a plateau or upland) divided by a number of deep valleys.
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  • Most of the Kimberley Group is undeformed and a broad dissected plateau is developed on the flat-lying rocks.
  • It's a dissected Plateau margin with canyons, rocky hills and Mesquite / Cedar bush cover.
  • The scalloped rim presents a series of sheer walls ahead and behind, but to our left there is an utter falling away, a dropping and dropping until a dissected badlands finally looms up.

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