Definition of divisible in English:


Syllabification: di·vis·i·ble
Pronunciation: /dəˈvizəb(ə)l


1Capable of being divided: the marine environment is divisible into a number of areas
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  • The Chechens are divisible into several tribes, and intertribal tensions are a part of Chechnya history.
  • These scruples of mine are divisible into three points, which I shall, for your convenience, set out in a list.
  • I think the term for payment being divisible into small particles is ‘frangibility’.
1.1 Mathematics (Of a number) capable of being divided by another number without a remainder: 24 is divisible by 4
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  • How can you tell whether a number is divisible by another number (leaving no remainder) without actually doing the division?
  • Every fourth number is divisible by 4, so there won't be more than three in a row in this bin.
  • The question boils down to how many states are needed to test whether a certain number is divisible by another, given number.


late Middle English: from late Latin divisibilis, from divis- 'divided', from the verb dividere (see divide).



Pronunciation: /-ˌvizəˈbilitē/
More example sentences
  • This early form of barter, however, does not provide the transferability and divisibility that makes trading efficient.
  • Presumably, though, there is a smallest size of atom, and this is thought to be enough to avoid the paradoxes of infinite divisibility.
  • In fact, the very same criteria - homogeneity, divisibility, replicability, and boundedness - apply in both cases.

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