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Pronunciation: /ˈdôrik/
Pronunciation: /ˈdärik/


1Relating to or denoting a classical order of architecture characterized by a sturdy fluted column and a thick square abacus resting on a rounded molding.
Example sentences
  • They came from the Parthenon, which marks the highest pinnacle of classical Doric architecture.
  • The temple is rendered in the abbreviated form, usual in vase paintings, consisting of a Doric column and architrave.
  • It contrasts the formal Doric columns of the front porch with the informal shingled supports for the side porch.
2Relating to or denoting the ancient Greek dialect of the Dorians.
Example sentences
  • Theocritus wrote in the Doric dialect, and the difficulties this produced for his readers led to his comparative neglect during the Renaissance.
  • It is unclear whether Alcmaeon wrote in the Doric dialect of Croton or in the Ionic Greek of the first Presocratics.
  • It may well be that the style and Doric dialect of the pseudo-Pythagorean writings were also based on the model of Archytas' genuine writings.
2.1 archaic (Of a dialect) broad; rustic.
Example sentences
  • The great granite slabs of prose, the thick Doric dialect, the rugged rural setting, the sprawling plot: it's a prospect as forbidding as the north face of the Eiger.


1The Doric order of architecture.
Example sentences
  • These are orders taken from temple architecture; they are placed appropriately with the strong, plain Doric at the bottom, then the lighter Ionic, followed by the elegant Corinthian and perhaps at the top a Composite.
  • This famous building, originally painted in gold, red and blue, achieves the classical Greek sense of harmony and illustrates the three orders of Greek columns: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.
2The ancient Greek dialect of the Dorians.
Example sentences
  • His language is Sicilian Doric, and is as colourful and sophisticated as that of Old Comedy; he uses a variety of metres kata stichon, but there are no lyrics among the extant fragments.
2.1A broad or rustic dialect, especially the dialect spoken in northeastern Scotland.
By association with the ancient Greek dialect, perceived as rustic
Example sentences
  • She still speaks Doric and recently she's even taken up playing the great Highland pipes in an effort to rediscover the riches of Scotland's indigenous music.
  • My great-grandparents spoke it and called it Scottish Doric.
  • Though written in Doric, both were huge bestsellers in America.


Via Latin from Greek Dōrikos, from Dōrios (see Dorian).

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