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Syllabification: down-and-out


(Of a person) without money, a job, or a place to live; destitute: a down-and-out homeless vagrant
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  • We were not down and out or destitute, which is the picture some people have tried to paint.
  • It tells the story of a group of ancient, and very well preserved, martial arts masters - we're talking hundreds of years old here - living down and out on the fringes of a modern society that has passed their ways by.
  • But we should also find the E8 million needed for our down and out homeless in Britain.
needy, in straitened circumstances, distressed, badly off;
homeless, on the streets, vagrant, sleeping rough
informal hard up, (flat) broke, strapped (for cash), without a red cent, on skid row


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A person without money, a job, or a place to live.
More example sentences
  • These were not artisans as such, it was asserted, but down-and-outs, who lived at the margins, involved in street theft and other criminal activities.
  • Then he went to live among the down-and-outs in England and in Paris.
  • It's seen to be the place of the hobos, the real down-and-outs.
poor person, pauper, indigent;
beggar, homeless person, panhandler, vagrant, tramp, drifter, derelict, vagabond, hobo
informal have-not, bag lady, bum

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