There are 2 main definitions of Dutch in English:


Syllabification: Dutch
Pronunciation: /dəCH


1The West Germanic language of the Netherlands.
More example sentences
  • Yiddishisms occur in such languages as Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, and Spanish.
  • The official language is Dutch, which is spoken little in daily life.
  • He speaks six languages: Spanish, Italian, Dutch, English, French and Portuguese.
2 (as plural noun the Dutch) The people of the Netherlands collectively.

Dutch is most closely related to German and English. It is also the official language of Suriname and the former Netherlands Antilles and is spoken in northern Belgium, where it is called Flemish

More example sentences
  • As British troops were withdrawn from the Netherlands, the Dutch and Austrians found themselves exposed to defeat.
  • The one point imposed by the Dutch on the Thais and greatly resented was the clause introducing extraterritoriality.
  • During the 16th century the area was occupied by the Portuguese, the British, and the Dutch.


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1Relating to the Netherlands, its people, or their language.
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  • The dialect is the Amish native tongue and should not be confused with the Dutch language of the Netherlands.
  • He became a master of Rangaku, the study of Western science by means of the Dutch language.
  • Ethnic minorities who already lived in the country should learn the language and adapt to Dutch society.
2Relating to the people of Germany; German.


from Middle Dutch dutsch 'Dutch, Netherlandish, German': the English word originally denoted speakers of both High and Low German, but became more specific after the United Provinces adopted the Low German of Holland as the national language on independence in 1579.


go dutch

Share the cost of something, especially a meal, equally.
More example sentences
  • Then again, he's probably terrified this will encourage other nice restaurants to adopt this practice, which means the end of going Dutch on dates.
  • In effect, it would amount to going Dutch in a month.
  • And more to the point, I'm very strict about going Dutch, so that's even more money.

in dutch

US informal , dated In trouble: he’s been getting in dutch at school

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There are 2 main definitions of Dutch in English:


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(usually one's old dutch) British informal
(Especially among cockneys) one’s wife.


late 19th century: abbreviation of duchess.

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