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Syllabification: dy·nam·ics
Pronunciation: /dīˈnamiks


  • 1 [treated as singular] The branch of mechanics concerned with the motion of bodies under the action of forces. Compare with statics.
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    • The training allows astronauts to become familiar with the dynamics of body motion under weightless conditions.
    • Niccolò Tartaglia's early publications on mechanics, dynamics, and motion were in fact the first modern studies of ballistics.
    • The first volume covered dynamics, mechanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, aerostatics, and pneumatics.
  • 1.1 [usually with modifier] The branch of any science in which forces or changes are considered: chemical dynamics
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    • Events of DNA duplication were described in many eukaryote genomes, but are the duplication dynamics similar in all eukaryotes?
    • Do polyps of other cnidarian species have a tissue dynamics similar to that of hydra?
    • At Haverford College, I generally include an introduction to fluid dynamics in our undergraduate mechanics course.
  • 2The forces or properties that stimulate growth, development, or change within a system or process: the dynamics of changing social relations
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    • Economic development creates its own dynamics and tensions in the social and political spheres, which must be addressed.
    • As this history makes clear, a powerful set of internal dynamics drove the development of the European economy in the second half of the twentieth century.
    • The question is: given the current political dynamics and developments inside the party, what will happen now?
  • 3 Music The varying levels of volume of sound in different parts of a musical performance.
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    • Variety can also be obtained without affecting the musical substance simply by repeating a melody with different dynamics or instruments.
    • A flute just always sounds flutey, no matter how exquisitely it is phrased, or how cleverly the flautist manages the dynamics.
    • Unless the conductor and the orchestra have a disciplined sense of dynamics when accompanying singers, we wind up believing we're not meeting expectations.



Pronunciation: /-ˈnaməsist/
sense 1.
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  • One of the most intriguing results from the Pathfinder mission was obtained by dynamicist William Folkner and colleagues from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech.
  • These conditions now need to be modelled by fluid dynamicists and mathematicians, so an understanding of the larger picture can emerge by carefully constructed mathematical models.
  • Computational fluid dynamicists can use the empirical data to verify their predictions regarding shape and time span of animal-induced flows.

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