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Syllabification: eff

noun& verb

chiefly British
Used as a euphemism for “fuck.”.
More example sentences
  • Around 4: 45 I think, me and Julia and some other dude stumbled back to her house where I promptly passed the eff out.
  • Well, ma'am, what the eff would you know about an American white girl's hair?
  • I'd tell you how, except I didn't see it because I was too busy trying to chronicle Ukraine's opener for posterity and being pestered by a fly that's buzzing around my head and won't effing eff the eff off.


1950s: the letter F represented as a word.


eff and blind

informal Use vulgar expletives; swear: You can eff and blind all you want; the rules still stand
[blind from its use in vulgar imprecations such as blind me (see blimey)]
More example sentences
  • Far better, then, to get a whole bunch of ordinary people for him to humiliate and eff and blind at instead.
  • They never get in trouble when they eff and blind at home.
  • He used to eff and blind at me but he was a superb coach.



adjective& adverb
More example sentences
  • So effing what if the towels are a little wrinkled?
  • I'm face down with my head lying in the doorway of the kitchen and the rest of me draping the hallway and that last effing stair.
  • In answer to your question: It's not effing teen angst, you stupid idiot.

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