Definition of enact in English:


Syllabification: en·act
Pronunciation: /enˈakt
, inˈakt


[with object]
1Make (a bill or other proposal) law: legislation was enacted in 1987 to attract international companies
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  • Remember, there has been no significant piece of reformist legislation enacted into law for nearly 30 years.
  • Rather, Parliament was enacting legislation in which a number of classes of persons have significant interests.
  • In the United States, several states have already enacted genetic privacy laws.
pass, make law, legislate;
approve, ratify, sanction, authorize;
impose, lay down, bring down
1.1Put into practice (a belief, idea, or suggestion).
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  • The French Revolution was an attempt to enact his ideas.
  • Because real people formulate and enact political ideas, it is often easy to locate the supposed evil of a given idea in its human agent.
  • The National Security Adviser joined the President at the ranch to discuss enacting recommendations that could be implemented immediately by executive order.
2Act out (a role or play) on stage.
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  • When the children performed, enacting the various plays on stage, their disability was hardly on their mind.
  • The baddie roles are enacted by Rob and Budd, professional stage actors from Hollywood.
  • Damien Matthews enacts the role of the actor in the play and Herford himself plays the part of the lawyer.
act out, act, perform, appear in, stage, mount, put on, present


late Middle English (formerly also as inact): from en-1, in-2, + act, suggested by medieval Latin inactare, inactitare.



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  • What we are really looking for with interpreting statutes is ‘enactable preferences.’


Pronunciation: /enˈakSHən/
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  • The Constitution forbids the enaction of laws contrary to Islam, it does not mandate the passage of laws demanded by Islam.
  • While still working on the enaction of last year's academic program changes, this year the faculty is beginning an initiative to renew the curriculum.
  • The work combines Latin and English liturgical texts and medieval poetry, with a dramatic enaction of the Passion story.


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  • Soldani replaced Bernini's heavily draped, reclining female figure with the beautiful nude body of the lifeless Christ and added the angels who tenderly cradle him, as enactors of feeling.
  • The two unlikely and show-stealing turns come in Kris Kristofferson's haunted enactor of justice, and Keira Knightley's burned out piece of emotionally orphaned wreckage.
  • He appeared in a 1930 production of Shakespeare's Othello, eventually being recognized as the definitive enactor of the tragic Moor.

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