Definition of encouragement in English:


Syllabification: en·cour·age·ment
Pronunciation: /inˈkərijmənt
, enˈkərijmənt


1The action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope: thank you for all your support and encouragement
More example sentences
  • At each step of the way the characters provide lots of friendly encouragement.
  • Miss Cartwright was unfortunately not the type to offer express encouragement.
  • Nevertheless, the developments I have just described do provide cause for encouragement.
heartening, cheering up, inspiration, motivation, stimulation, fortification;
support, morale-boosting, a boost, a shot in the arm
persuasion, coaxing, urging, pep talk, pressure, prodding, prompting;
spur, goad, inducement, incentive, bait, motive
informal carrot
support, backing, championship, championing, sponsoring, promotion, furtherance, furthering, fostering, nurture, cultivation;
help, assistance, boosterism
1.1Persuasion to do or to continue something: incentives and encouragement to play sports
More example sentences
  • Every successful use of the netroots has involved some kind of encouragement for donors.
  • The first episode, which was a huge success, became an encouragement to make more.
  • To our knowledge, the effect of encouragement on walk performance has not been studied subsequently.
1.2The act of trying to stimulate the development of an activity, state, or belief: the encouragement of foreign investment
More example sentences
  • A big drop in bond yields offered little encouragement for a tired stock market.
  • We cannot build nations, although we can at times provide encouragement and incentives for those determined to build their own.
  • Another important role which Lindelöf played in Finland was the encouragement of the study of the history of mathematics in that country.

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