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Pronunciation: /ˈen(t)ər/


1Come or go into (a place): [with object]: she entered the kitchen [no object]: the door opened and Karl entered figurative reading the Bible, we enter into an amazing new world of thoughts
More example sentences
  • To enter into dialogue with a culture that does not possess the ontological security of majority cultures is to enter a representational space of intimacy.
  • We entered the City at the original site of Temple Bar and descended Fleet Street, now a mere shadow of its former journalistic self.
  • As planned, Buddha enters the City to attend a feast.
go in/into, come in/into, get in/into, set foot in, cross the threshold of, gain access to, infiltrate, access
1.1 [no object] Used as a stage direction to indicate when a character comes on stage: enter Hamlet
More example sentences
  • As they exit from the stage, enter three beautiful women from Ukraine, dressed in vibrant costumes.
1.2 [with object] Penetrate (something): the bullet entered his stomach
1.3 [with object] (Of a man) insert the penis into the vagina of (a woman).
1.4 [with object] Come or be introduced into: the thought never entered my head
2 [with object] Begin to be involved in: in 1941 America entered the war
More example sentences
  • In the last surviving section, the betrothed is introduced to and enters her new Byzantine family.
  • The national interest analysis notes some of the disadvantages to New Zealand in entering a closer economic partnership with Thailand.
get involved in, join, throw oneself into, engage in, embark on, take up;
participate in, take part in, play a part/role in, contribute to
2.1Become a member of or start working in (an institution or profession): that autumn, he entered college
More example sentences
  • Following this he became a Schools Inspector, entering at this stage the same profession as that of his father.
  • The condition he has was discovered while he was a teenager and had been treated and noted before he entered Yale.
  • Suggest a book for someone considering entering the Catholic Church.
join, become a member of, enroll in/for, enlist in, volunteer for, sign up for;
take up
2.2Register as a competitor or participant in (a tournament, race, or examination).
Example sentences
  • Nevertheless, success in the Islamic Games' tennis and entering the World Group play-offs are the landmarks of our national tennis.
  • I am working towards entering the City of Glasgow Great Scottish Run on September 8.
  • Luxembourg have entered the World Cup 15 times and finished bottom of their qualifying group every time.
sign on/up for, put one's name down for, register for, enroll in/for, go in for;
compete in, take part in, participate in
2.3Start or reach (a stage or period of time) in an activity or situation: the election campaign entered its final phase
More example sentences
  • It is expected to transform every life stage it enters.
  • He also noted that the party is entering its 20th year in existence on December 21.
2.4 [no object] (Of a particular performer in an ensemble) start or resume playing or singing.
3Write or key (information) in a book, computer, etc., so as to record it: children can enter the data into the computer
More example sentences
  • Secondly, you can deliberately enter information about yourself into a digital profile.
  • So when you enter your information, it's going to a criminal somewhere in the Internet, who's taking that data and using it for financial crime.
  • Users can use it to enter information about themselves on any web site without having to type it in manually every time.
record, write, set down, put down, take down, note, jot down;
put on record, minute, register, log
3.1 Law Submit (a statement) in an official capacity, usually in a court of law: an attorney entered a plea of guilty on her behalf
More example sentences
  • In nearly all cases, the defendant enters a guilty plea before trial.
  • During a hearing on Monday, his solicitor entered no plea and made no application for bail.
  • She too had been given an indication that upon such pleas being entered, the prosecution would not proceed further against her husband.
submit, register, lodge, record, file, put forward, present


(also enter key)
A key on a computer keyboard that is used to perform various functions, such as executing a command or selecting options on a menu.
Example sentences
  • The games are rather shallow and require only the use of the four arrow keys and the enter key on your keyboard, or a couple of buttons on your controller.
  • The main problems for me personally were the backspace key and the enter key.
  • She hit the enter key to the shield computer, running the program she had kept quiet about.

Phrasal verbs


enter into

Become involved in (an activity, situation, or matter): they have entered into a relationship
More example sentences
  • Remember we entered into this activity with the support of 30 other nations.
  • The high cost of fuel should not be an excuse to take advantage of the situation and enter into a speculative price frenzy.
  • Whenever a researcher enters into a secretive situation such as commercial-in-confidence research or military research, they effectively disappear from view.
1.1Undertake to bind oneself by (an agreement or other commitment): the council entered into an agreement with a private firm
More example sentences
  • One aspect of the post-Cancun phase is that agreements entered into there are binding in law at every level of government.
  • Cohabiting couples have not publicly entered into legally binding agreements.
  • People need to be reminded that not too long ago, married women did not have the right to own land, or the right to enter into binding legal agreements.
1.2Form part of or be a factor in: medical ethics also enter into the question
More example sentences
  • Well, it appears that there are a number of factors that are entering into this.
  • There are all kinds of subjective factors that enter into it.
  • Certain extraneous factors deserve to enter into selection of a name.

enter on/upon

1 formal Begin (an activity or job); start to pursue (a particular course in life): he entered upon a turbulent political career
More example sentences
  • Here, as before, the stress seems to be upon personal dedication, the manner and frame of mind in which a certain course is entered upon and sustained.
  • The government has entered on a collision course with the education community over its new law to reform the university system.
  • It was also intended to build an Institute to ‘benefit those who are older in years or who have sufficient energy to enter upon a course of self-improvement’.
2 Law (As a legal entitlement) go freely into property as or as if the owner.
Example sentences
  • The position of my client was that he deliberately did not terminate the lease so as to ensure she had a legal capacity to enter upon the land.
  • It prohibits the appellant from entering on the property of the specified persons for any reason whatsoever.
  • In addition, these minutes permitted the plaintiff to enter upon their property, at the lakefront, from time to time, for the purpose of painting, sketching and drawing the landscape.


Middle English: from Old French entrer, from Latin intrare, from intra 'within'.

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Syllabification: en·ter

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