There are 2 definitions of ewe in English:


Syllabification: ewe
Pronunciation: /yo͞o


A female sheep.
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  • Even the family pet let loose in the countryside can cause great distress to sheep, including pregnant ewes and lambs.
  • Mountain ewes produce less lambs than their lowland counterparts and fetch a lower prices at the mart.
  • With the ewe numbers hovering around 200, it looks as though we shall be selling the ewes back in the sheep market.


Old English eowu, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch ooi and German Aue.

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Pronunciation: wiːn
be of the opinion; think or suppose

There are 2 definitions of ewe in English:


Syllabification: Ewe
Pronunciation: /ˈāwā, ˈāvā

noun (plural same)

1A member of a people of Ghana, Togo, and Benin.
More example sentences
  • If genuinely free elections were permitted, power would inevitably shift towards tribes in the South, predominantly the Ewe.
  • Intricately decorated and culturally rich, the 15 drums are native to the Ewe of southeastern Ghana.
  • The Ewe live in southeastern Ghana as well as the southern regions of neighboring countries Togo and Benin.
2The Kwa language of the Ewe.
More example sentences
  • While most publications in the Ghanaian and Ghanaian American communities are written in English, some are also written in the Twi dialects of Asante, Fante, and Akwapim and in other languages such as Ewe, Ga, Dagbane, and Nzema.
  • The Gullah language retains a great deal West African syntax and combines English vocabulary with words from African languages such as Ewe, Mandinka, Igbo, Twi, Yoruba, and Mende.
  • French is the official language of government, but both Ewe of the Kwa and Kabye of the Gur language families have semi-official status.


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Relating to the Ewe or their language.
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  • Debates surround the term kente, which is traced by some to the Ewe language, by others to Asante and Fante terms.
  • Halo, oral poetry in the Ewe language, has been a major influence on the poetry of Kofi Awoonor.
  • In Ewe culture, we believe that if there is something on your mind, it sits on the stomach, making you sick.


the name in Ewe.

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