Definition of exceptional in English:


Syllabification: ex·cep·tion·al
Pronunciation: /ˌikˈsepSH(ə)n(ə)l


1Unusual; not typical: crimes of exceptional callousness and cruelty
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  • It can only be displaced by unusual or exceptional circumstances.
  • While superficially complex, this was not an exceptional case.
  • There are rare and exceptional circumstances in existence in this case.
1.1Unusually good; outstanding: a pepper offering exceptional flavor and juiciness
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  • Some autistic children show, at an unusually early age, exceptional abilities in music, graphic art or arithmetic.
  • The Savage bolt action has always provided outstanding accuracy and exceptional value for the money.
  • She also had the exceptional ability to recall vividly small incidents in her life, and recount them without any exaggeration.
outstanding, extraordinary, remarkable, special, excellent, phenomenal, prodigious;
informal A1, top-notch
1.2 (Of a child) mentally or physically disabled so as to require special schooling: helping parents of exceptional children
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  • He cannot then be made liable for the exceptional child that strays, nor will he be required to prove that any particular parent has been negligent.
  • In his other life, Dale is an unprofessional musician and the father of two exceptional children.
  • Talking about his son who has Downs Syndrome he points out that they are exceptional children or people, who want to be loved, the same as we all do.



Pronunciation: /ikˌsepSHəˈnalitē/
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  • But the only exceptionality that really matters-since all nations are in their way sui generis-is the configuration that has founded its global hegemony.
  • So then we have a comedic genre whose best work exemplifies the genre itself, and a science fiction genre whose best work is based on exceptionality from the genre.
  • But the story of the asylum seekers in Papua and New Guinea is also relevant because it demonstrates the exceptionality of the present.

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