Definition of excited in English:


Syllabification: ex·cit·ed
Pronunciation: /ikˈsīdəd


1Very enthusiastic and eager: they were excited about the prospect the excited children
More example sentences
  • I am hoping that having worked my way diligently down the list, the universe is going to reward me by making the people I contact next week excited and enthusiastic about the product.
  • I never felt so excited and eager to drive before I finally get the confirmation that I passed the final exam for driver's license.
  • This was due to the fact the venue for the night, the Sligo Park hotel, was full to the brim with excited males eager to experience the joys of speed dating.
thrilled, exhilarated, animated, enlivened, electrified;
enraptured, intoxicated, feverish, adrenalized, enthusiastic
informal high, high as a kite, fired up, aflutter, psyched
1.1Sexually aroused.
More example sentences
  • Taken together we may conclude that, in both experiments, we succeeded in inducing a neutral versus a sexually excited state.
  • In this experiment, we studied the effect of a sexually excited state on preference for and responsiveness to sexual stimuli.
  • On the other hand, a Velorian becomes several times stronger for very brief periods when she is sexually excited or during an adrenal rush.
aroused, sexually aroused, stimulated, titillated, inflamed
informal turned on, hot, horny, sexed up
2 Physics Of or in an energy state higher than the normal or ground state.
More example sentences
  • In excited atoms, energy radiated as photons eventually leaks into the vast interstellar spaces and redshifts away.
  • The transition would demand a significant energy input per excited electron.
  • The delay between the time that the atom absorbs the photon and the excited atom releases as photon causes it to appear that light is slowing down.



More example sentences
  • The audience were sitting excitedly waiting for the panto to start.
  • He speaks excitedly, for example, about the trio of episodes on swing.
  • Helene opened the door and Mendy jumped out and ran around excitedly.

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