Definition of expensive in English:


Syllabification: ex·pen·sive
Pronunciation: /ikˈspensiv


Costing a lot of money: keeping a horse is expensive an expensive bottle of wine
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  • The bargains will prove to be very expensive if you have to pay interest on the money you spent.
  • Prices of the more expensive properties have stopped going up and some are on their way down.
  • These courses are very expensive, due to the variety of resources needed to run them.
costly, high-priced, dear;
overpriced, exorbitant, extortionate
informal steep, pricey, spendy, costing an arm and a leg, big-ticket, costing the earth


early 17th century (in the sense 'lavish, extravagant'): from Latin expens- 'paid out', from the verb expendere (see expend), + -ive.



More example sentences
  • It looks like a very expensively filmed record of the theatre production on a giant sound stage, rather than a living, breathing film on its own account.
  • Is it really sensible use of public resources to have expensively trained police officers doing brain-dead work like nabbing speedsters?
  • It is beyond the reach of any vicar I know - beautifully and expensively decorated and furnished with a vast flat-screen television in the living room.


More example sentences
  • The expensiveness indicates to me simply that this object probably won't actually be used for the purpose it was made.
  • My husband believed that quality wasn't always represented by expensiveness.
  • There are definitely moments when you hate it (noise, pollution, the busy-ness, the expensiveness of everything, and other stressors), but when you leave New York, you can't wait to get back.

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