Definition of expire in English:


Syllabification: ex·pire
Pronunciation: /ˌikˈspī(ə)r


1 [no object] (Of a document, authorization, or agreement) cease to be valid, typically after a fixed period of time: the old contract had expired
More example sentences
  • The current five-year lease agreement expires in 2002.
  • The nearly 10,000 flight attendants have been working without a new contract since their old agreement expired at the end of 1996.
  • The old collective agreement expired in May and talks began shortly thereafter.
run out, become invalid, become void, lapse;
end, finish, stop, come to an end, terminate
1.1(Of a period of time) come to an end: the three-year period has expired
More example sentences
  • The National Conference president also predicted that he will not hand over reigns of power to Congress after his three year term expires in November 2005.
  • There have been no indications on whether the team want him to stay beyond the summer of 2006 when his three-year term expires.
  • You were allowed to leave eight months before your term expired.
1.2(Of a person) die.
More example sentences
  • If two doctors agree that the condition has reached the point of no return then it should be agreed to let the person expire with dignity.
  • The mortality rate within the ghettos rose and people expired on the street.
  • If someone starves, a hero will give up their own food and die before letting that person expire.
die, pass away/on, breathe one's last
informal kick the bucket, bite the dust, croak, buy it, buy the farm
2 [with object] technical Exhale (air) from the lung.
More example sentences
  • The vocal cords vibrate when air is expired through the glottis, creating sound waves in the column of air within the pharynx, nose, and mouth.
  • An index of alcohol intoxication was measured with a fuel-cell analyzer in air expired after breath was held for 15 sec.
  • The drug is primarily metabolized by the lungs and expired as carbon dioxide.
breathe out, exhale, blow out, expel


late Middle English: from Old French expirer, from Latin exspirare 'breathe out', from ex- 'out' + spirare 'breathe'.

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