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Pronunciation: /ikˈspôrt/
Pronunciation: /ˈekspôrt/
[with object]
1Send (goods or services) to another country for sale: we exported $16 million worth of mussels to Japan
More example sentences
  • While it exports pricey services, Britain is importing capital since the rising pound is a magnet for global bond investors.
  • These rules can make it impossible to export your goods into the third country market.
  • At the time, Britain exported industrial goods and imported agricultural ones.
sell overseas/abroad, send overseas/abroad, ship overseas/abroad, market overseas/abroad, trade internationally
1.1Spread or introduce (ideas and beliefs) to another country: the Greeks exported Hellenic culture around the Mediterranean basin
More example sentences
  • This European belief was exported to the new world, America, without any criticism.
  • Cultural tourism is a vital part of how we export New Zealand ideas and get New Zealand jobs.
  • Hasn't the Hollywood fantasy factory been generating and exporting the ideas for these spectacular attacks through action and disaster movies for years?
transmit, spread, disseminate, circulate, communicate, pass on
literary bruit about/abroad
1.2 Computing Transfer (data) in a format that can be used by other programs.
Example sentences
  • The data from tt can be exported in several formats into a MySQL database, an ASCII file, etc.
  • Once the aforementioned data is gathered into the database, one can simply choose to export data into EAD format.
  • Efforts are being made to export the database to a more robust data management system like Oracle or MySQL.


Pronunciation: /ˈekˌspôrt/
(usually exports)
1A commodity, article, or service sold abroad: wool and mohair were the principal exports
More example sentences
  • The country grows 70% of the world's supply of jute, and jute products are an important export, despite falling world demand.
  • The impact of these requirements was immediately felt in developing countries for which fishery products are an important export.
  • This is because exports can now be sold or imports bought more cheaply or more easily inside the trading area.
1.1 (exports) Sales of goods or services to other countries, or the revenue from such sales: meat exports
More example sentences
  • The latest data, from industrial activity to retail sales to exports, show the economy is growing at a healthy pace this quarter and will continue to do so.
  • At their present paces, capital-goods sales and exports in the third quarter could post their best quarterly advances since the late 1990s.
  • We controlled for exposure to foreign markets with a measure of exports divided by sales for the previous year.
1.2The selling and sending out of goods or services to other countries: the export of Western technology
More example sentences
  • The future development of the private sector in Russia is now at risk as a result of the wholesale export of capital.
  • The bananas grown for export are suitable for being picked when only two-thirds ripe, and continue to ripen during shipment.
  • Deeply unpopular with merchants, traders, seamen, and farmers growing crops for export, the Embargo Act was repealed in 1809.
1.3 [as modifier] Of a high standard suitable for export: high-grade export coal
More example sentences
  • An interesting issue concerns the charges for transporting Hunter Valley export coal.
  • As the end of 1999 approached, consistently dismal domestic and export coal loadings gave the nation's ports little reason to cheer.
  • Train drivers refused to cross the miners' picket, stopping the movement of all export coal to the port of Lyttelton.



Pronunciation: /ikˌspôrtəˈbilitē/
Example sentences
  • The country continues to degenerate into chaos, rendering any forecasts about future exportability highly suspect, especially in light of the still dangerous condition of the fields.
  • Denmark became something of a cause célèbre for those who believed that the increased exportability of regional cinemas was the only way forward.
  • One perennial issue in the classes has been the exportability of human rights claims from EuroAmerican sources to the rest of the world.


Pronunciation: /ikˈspôrdəbəl/ Pronunciation: /ekˈspôrdəbəl/
Example sentences
  • Chilli pepper is one of the exportable crops that has tremendous potential on the international export market.
  • The Hall has been filled to full capacity, with a mixture of old and new companies who have come with a variety of exportable products.
  • In recent years, owing to the Government's deliberate policy to promote the non-traditional exports, the range of exportable products has widened even further.


Pronunciation: /ˌekˌspôrˈtāSHən/ Pronunciation: /ˌekspərˈtāSHən/
Example sentences
  • In practice, all international money transfers, except the very limited importation and exportation of currency notes, are effected through banking channels.
  • He calls the episode ‘perhaps the most tragic example of the exportation of conflict.’
  • Never before have we seen the outsourcing, the exportation of high-value jobs at the rate that we have seen it over the course of the past three years.


Late 15th century (in the sense 'take away'): from Latin exportare, from ex- 'out' + portare 'carry'. Current senses date from the 17th century.

  • transport from Late Middle English:

    Transport is from Latin transportare, from trans- ‘across’ and portare ‘carry’. The word's use to denote ‘a means of transportation’ arose in the use of transport ships to carry soldiers or convicts, and later army supplies. Import (Late Middle English) and export (Late Middle English) are the carrying of goods in and out of the country.

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