Definition of exposure in English:

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Pronunciation: /ikˈspōZHər/


1The state of being exposed to contact with something: the dangers posed by exposure to asbestos
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  • Many experimental studies of plants and animals, and clinical studies of humans have shown the harmful effect of excessive exposure to UVB radiation.
  • In order to protect children from exposure to harmful vapors, the toy industry has discontinued the use of PVC to produce plastics used in their products.
  • It is nonsensical to claim that it is not the Government's role to intervene to protect people from harmful exposure to tobacco smoke.
subjection, vulnerability, laying open
1.1A physical condition resulting from being outside in severe weather conditions without adequate protection: he died of exposure at 8,000 feet
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  • A 14-year-old student was killed when he was hit by a falling tree and an elderly person died of exposure in the appalling weather conditions.
  • The two most dangerous conditions that can result from cold-weather exposure are frostbite and hypothermia.
  • Exposure has damaged the plaster ceilings, rotted joists, and peeled paint.
hypothermia, cold, frostbite
1.2Experience of something: his exposure to the banking system
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  • The experiment facility is intended to provide experiments involving long-term exposure to the space environment.
  • A key Chicago experience for him was exposure to modern art, especially the Impressionists.
  • Work experience - any exposure to the industry is essential.
introduction to, experience of/with, contact with, familiarity with, acquaintance with, awareness of
1.3The action of exposing a photographic film to light or other radiation: a camera that would give a picture immediately after exposure trial exposures made with a UV filter
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  • Any dust on the APHS film during exposure of the enlarged negative will show in the final print as a black spot.
  • I prefer film camera to shoot night pictures with long exposure and low light.
  • He calls himself an artist who uses photographic techniques like multi exposure and ‘sandwiches’ to make sense of what lies beyond.
1.4The quantity of light or other radiation reaching a photographic film, as determined by shutter speed and lens aperture.
Example sentences
  • As he experimented with special lenses and different exposures and paper, his photography became increasingly art-inspired.
  • She will spend a day going through exposure, shutter speed, depth of field and how they are related.
  • For about five years, she devoted considerable energy to photography, meticulously recording exposures and light levels as she became conversant with the medium.
1.5The action of placing oneself at risk of financial losses, e.g., through making loans, granting credit, or underwriting insurance.
Example sentences
  • Their $325 million loan exposure and all of the other debt in the balance sheet looked well covered by assets, earnings and cashflow.
  • Regulators and rating agencies generally understand banks' retention of exposure to risk from loans they've securitized.
  • Investors worldwide would rush to find safe ground, dumping bank stocks and pulling deposits out of any banks that had heavy exposure in Third World loans.
2The revelation of an identity or fact, especially one that is concealed or likely to arouse disapproval: she took her life for fear of exposure as a spy
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  • He was blamed for this inappropriate exposure of secret material, and it had a detrimental impact on his reputation and mental state.
  • Fearing exposure and embarrassment if he were to assume a conspicuous role at the new arts agency, he turned down the appointment.
  • It's against this background that the novel explodes into murder, mayhem, sexual intrigue and the scandalous exposure of secrets in a splendid denouement.
uncovering, revelation, disclosure, unveiling, unmasking, discovery, detection;
denunciation, condemnation
2.1The publicizing of information or an event: scientific findings receive regular exposure in the media
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  • In return, they would receive considerable exposure at most Tour events throughout Europe along with other marketing advantages.
  • This is a channel by film fans for film fans, credited with having brought many great films a wider audience, regular exposure and good publicity too.
  • I am disappointed that the seminary succumbed to the lure of media exposure in orchestrating this event.
publicity, coverage, publicizing, advertising, public interest/attention, media interest/attention, ink;
informal hype, face time
3The direction in which a building faces; an outlook: the exposure is perfect—a gentle slope to the southwest
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  • South and west exposures dry out more quickly, making these areas ideal for your most drought-and heat-tolerant plants.
  • It seems the trees in my neighbor's yard stood an excellent chance of blocking the television signal, which needs a southwestern exposure in the Northeast.
  • Lower dry biomass at the west and southwest exposures could be associated with higher respiration rates and earlier and longer stomatal closure in response to plant water deficits.
outlook, aspect, view;
position, setting, location


Early 17th century: from expose, on the pattern of words such as enclosure.

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Syllabification: ex·po·sure

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