Definition of farthest in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈfärT͟Hist/
(also furthest /ˈfər-/)
used as superlative of far.


1Situated at the greatest distance from a specified or understood point: the farthest door led to a kitchen
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  • Situated in the farthest corner of the glade was a slight embankment, leading down into a large, crystal clear lake.
  • According to the developer, every apartment will have water frontage with the furthest apartment situated 20 metres from the river.
  • He'd sit in the furthest corner from the door and drink it all in, always keeping one eye on his dad.
1.1Covering the greatest area or distance: his record for the farthest flight
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  • The record for the furthest distance flown had been held by Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard, who were the first pilots to circumnavigate the world, non-stop, in a balloon in 1999.
  • Nicola Gunn and the Desolation Angels Company of Melbourne, Australia came the furthest distance to attend the Calgary fringe, and audiences were glad they did.
  • He even beats the MP for Orkney and Shetland, Alistair Carmichael, who has to travel by plane between different islands and has the furthest distance to travel to Westminster.
1.2Extremely remote: the farthest ends of the earth
More example sentences
  • And then we go to the furthest extreme, and that is the other with the capital ‘O.’
  • To fulfil his task, Enoch travels to the farthest extremes of the earth, encountering fantastic columns of fire and trees of judgment, seeing the storehouses of the winds and the mountains where thunder is kept.
  • I mean, this pushes the farthest extremes of dissent.
most distant, most remote, remotest, farthest away, furthest, furthest away, farthermost, furthermost;
(most) outlying, (most) outer, outermost, extreme, uttermost, ultimate
archaic outmost


1At or by the greatest distance (used to indicate how far one thing or person is or becomes distant from another): the bed farthest from the window
More example sentences
  • The center distance between the two shots farthest apart in the group determines the group size.
  • So we left, walking the furthest apart from each other ever.
  • We let the Supreme Court make the final decision because they are the furthest removed from popular passions.
2Over the greatest distance or area: his group probably had farthest to ride
More example sentences
  • We could get a bunch of competitors, give them each a crate of Elephant, and then see who could drive furthest from Front Street without having a crash.
  • He is a keen, regular cyclist, but the furthest he has ridden in a day to date has been 100 miles.
  • As we had no back-vehicle, it was a big challenge, as the furthest any of us had ridden before was the London to Brighton bike ride - none of us had ever done anything like this before, and we chose the hottest Summer in our lifetimes to do it!
2.1Used to indicate the most distant point reached in a specified direction: it was the farthest north I had ever traveled
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  • At the very moment we'd reached the point furthest from home, the sky opened and heaven dropped on us, a drop at a time.
  • Another in 1853 spread to Chicago and St. Louis where itinerant railroad workers took it to Iowa City, which is the furthest the railroad had reached.
  • HM ships Example, Explorer and Archer sailed the furthest West when they reached Howth, Cork and Galway in the Republic of Ireland.
2.2To the most extreme or advanced point: countries where industrialization had gone furthest the farthest he’ll go is to admit a sort of resentment
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  • He maintains that Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan are already virtual states and that among major developed countries the United States has advanced the farthest.
  • Which of the fighters has come the farthest the fastest in attitude and technique?
  • I currently have it all written into a notebook and it is the farthest I have ever gotten on an individual project, so I really think I'm going to make it to the very end of this without fizzling out.


On the differences between farthest and furthest, see farther.


at the farthest

At the greatest distance; at most: the Allied line had been pushed forward, at the farthest, about one mile


Late Middle English: formed as a superlative of further.

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Syllabification: far·thest

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