Definition of fasten in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈfas(ə)n/


[with object]
1Close or join securely: fasten your seat belts
More example sentences
  • She made sure his seatbelt was securely fastened before closing the door on him.
  • Lydia fastened the cloth door closed and took inventory of the room.
  • Once I had fastened the seatbelt and closed the door, Jason flicked a small switch on the dashboard, and the machine roared to life.
bolt, lock, secure, make fast, chain, seal
button (up), zip (up), do up, close
1.1 [no object] Be closed or done up in a particular place or part or in a particular way: a blue nightie that fastens down the back
More example sentences
  • A blue plaque fastened into the wall publicises the office's past as the dining room in the home of journalist Henry Morton Stanley.
  • We drove home with a green boat perched atop a white wooden box of camping gear, fastened to a blue Volkswagen.
  • Chell's white wraparound skirt, reaching from beneath her arms to her ankles and fastened at the back, was pulled in by a blue sash around her waist.
1.2Fix or hold in place: she fastened her locket around her neck
More example sentences
  • She was fastening some of her hair up with glittery clips while the rest cascaded down her neck and back.
  • She was at the vanity, fastening her pale blonde hair into a bun that was already unraveling.
  • I made my way to the bathroom where I fished through piles of hair accessories until I found my giant clip with which I fastened my hair in a French twist.
attach, fix, affix, clip, pin, tack;
stick, bond, join
1.3 (fasten something on/upon) Direct one’s eyes, thoughts, feelings, etc., intently at: Maggie fastened her eyes on him [no object]: speculation fastened on three candidates
More example sentences
  • Realising that he wasn't getting any money from me, he began to glance away, and fastened his eyes on a wallet that a gentleman who passed us had in his hand.
  • What I did do, I noticed, was to keep a very beady eye on him from across the room: waiting to see what kind of man he fastened his attentions on this time.
  • He sat down carefully, and fastened his eyes on his glass desktop.
focus, fix, be riveted, concentrate, zero in, zoom in, direct at
1.4 (fasten something on/upon) Ascribe responsibility to: blame hadn’t been fastened on anyone
ascribe to, attribute to, assign to, chalk up to;
pin on, lay at the door of
1.5 [no object] (fasten on/upon) Single out (someone or something) and concentrate on them or it obsessively: the critics fastened on two sections of the report
More example sentences
  • It is true that the human imagination fastens on to single personalities, not casualty statistics.
  • With so many essays covering a diversity of themes and ideas, it is hard to fasten on a single idea as the central theme of the collection.
  • When you're doing a high-tech type of job, working under pressure against impossible time-scales, you tend to fasten on something silly and obsessive to ease the strain.



Pronunciation: /ˈfas(ə)nər/
Example sentences
  • Steel or aluminum components are fabricated into sections using fasteners, locking rods, or welding.
  • Riveting is the joining of two metals by means of metal fasteners which mechanically lock them selves in position.
  • The exhibits included zips, fasteners, threads and yarn.


Old English fæstnian 'make sure, confirm', also 'immobilize'; related to fast1.

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