Definition of fateful in English:


Syllabification: fate·ful
Pronunciation: /ˈfātfəl


Having far-reaching and typically disastrous consequences or implications: a fateful oversight
More example sentences
  • On that fateful night a disastrous landslide wrecked havoc on their scenic community.
  • For many, this was the horrifying, almost fateful consequence of the life he had led.
  • This was the one time she misused her powers, and it proved to have fateful consequences.



More example sentences
  • Instead of favoring his father-in-law, he fatefully stated that his ultimate allegiance was with the nation and its people.
  • He was simply - perhaps fatefully - less presidential than his opponent.
  • The story builds fatefully towards the final dinner party of the weekend.


More example sentences
  • Nowadays it is the refugee to whom we attribute the qualities of fatefulness, tragedy, and loss.
  • All through the movie the original music creates an almost subliminal feeling-the unconscious texture of sadness and melancholy, the mood of fatefulness.
  • One of the key principles of their religion was that there is much to be learned about divine fatefulness in the reading of the sky.

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