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Syllabification: Fed


  • 1US A federal agent or official, especially a member of the FBI: I don’t think he has any friends since he ratted to the Feds
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    • Naturally, the box the Feds supplied was rigged with every surveillance gizmo known to man.
    • Wherever they go they think the Feds, or the police, or spies are watching them.
    • I didn't follow the case against the man at all or how good a case the Feds made against him.
  • 1.1 (the feds) British The police: her two older brothers had got a restraining order put on them by the feds
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    • My twin brother is a fed, he's still safe, though no doubt he will be brainwashed in time.
    • As well as all the usual unprintable insults, this 12-year-old taunted us with "Kill the Feds!"
    • I know its a sensible place to have it, but have you had any grief off the feds regarding the position of your tax disc?
  • 2 (usually the Fed) US short for Federal Reserve.
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    • After several interest rate hikes, the Fed's moves to slow what has been a heated economy seems to be working.
    • The Fed has slashed rates 12 times since 2001, producing a boon for fund investors.
    • If the Fed is aggressive, and if we don't have any major external disruptions, I think we're going to be okay.


early 20th century: abbreviation of federal. The abbreviation fed had previously been used in the late 18th century to denote a member of the Federalist party, who advocated a union of American colonies after the American Revolution.

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There are 2 definitions of Fed in English:


Syllabification: fed
  • past and past participle of feed.

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