Definition of feeling in English:


Syllabification: feel·ing
Pronunciation: /ˈfēliNG


1An emotional state or reaction: a feeling of joy
More example sentences
  • While he denies he has a chip on his shoulder, this gut class feeling is a strong motivation behind his desire for success.
  • And if you fell in love with me so long ago it only makes this feeling stronger, right?
  • The strong feeling of love and the longing to commit is perfectly conveyed in marriage.
love, affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, warmness, emotion, sentiment;
passion, ardor, desire
pity, sorrow, commiseration
1.1 (feelings) The emotional side of someone’s character; emotional responses or tendencies to respond: I don’t want to hurt her feelings
More example sentences
  • He still frightens me a little, because I know nothing about him, yet my feelings have only grown stronger.
  • Those feelings had only grown stronger since he'd come to the university.
  • You've changed a lot since then, and my feelings have only grown stronger.
sensibilities, sensitivities, self-esteem, pride
1.2Strong emotion: God bless you!” she said with feeling
More example sentences
  • It all feels so lacking in genuine feeling, genuine emotion, genuine interest.
  • He was going back to the place where there was no feeling, because emotion and love were not allowed.
  • Silence, when used appropriately and in context, will add emotion and feeling to the video.
2A belief, especially a vague or irrational one: [with clause]: he had the feeling that he was being watched
More example sentences
  • I have a vague feeling that these different kinds and genres of rants will keep coming and going as this post progresses.
  • The enterprise seems foolhardy, and Stewart does not justify it beyond a vague feeling that he wants adventure.
  • I had a vague feeling that we were kind of heading in that direction in our relationship, but I had expected him to say it first.
suspicion, sneaking suspicion, notion, inkling, hunch, funny feeling, feeling in one's bones, fancy, idea;
presentiment, premonition
informal gut feeling
2.1An opinion, typically one shared by several people: a feeling grew that justice had not been done
More example sentences
  • He saw more clearly than any of these other guys how strong that feeling was.
  • There's a strong general feeling among our members that consumers are not receptive to milk from cloned cows.
  • I didn't have a real strong feeling about anything until I started playing music.
opinion, belief, view, impression, intuition, instinct, hunch, estimation, guess
3The capacity to experience the sense of touch: a loss of feeling in the hands
More example sentences
  • Jack wasn't sure if he was going blind, or just crazy, but he lost all feeling, all sense.
  • For a prosthetic heel to be successful it would need to be covered in skin which has feeling and sensation.
  • The disease leaves her with pain, loss of feeling and a burning sensation in her hands meaning she cannot drive for any length of time.
3.1The sensation of touching or being touched by a particular thing: the feeling of water against your skin
More example sentences
  • Remember how it feels on deck because you want the same feeling in the water.
  • The cold feeling of slowly moving water slid over her, until there was only darkness.
  • A young child paddles in the sea for the first time, fascinated by the pleasant feeling of the water.
(sense of) touch, feel, tactile sense, using one's hands
4 (feeling for) A sensitivity to or intuitive understanding of: he seems to have little feeling for art
More example sentences
  • I think it's permissible, after working on your favourite virus for over 20 years, to develop some sort of feeling for it.
  • The singer has an even, rounded tone, an apposite feeling for ornament and an ability to phrase with sprightly elegance.


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More example sentences
  • The rugby playing feelingless bloke is now the outsider.
  • He was royal, commanding, feelingless, fearless.
  • Brandon answered but he sounded so feelingless, so monotone.

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