There are 2 main definitions of fez in English:


Syllabification: fez

noun (plural fezzes)

A flat-topped conical red hat with a black tassel on top, worn by men in some Muslim countries (formerly the Turkish national headdress).
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  • Turbans, fezzes, yarmulkes and black lace veils, or mantillas, joined the zucchettos or skull caps of Catholic prelates on the basilica's steps in an extraordinary mix of religious and government leaders from around the world.
  • He wore a black achkan and a red fez with a black tassel, and was amazingly dignified.
  • Thus the Bulgarian state targeted the observable markers of Muslim manhood: the fez (a type of hat) and the practice of circumcision.


early 19th century: from Turkish fes (perhaps via French fez), named after Fez, once the chief place of manufacture.



More example sentences
  • They are turbaned, or fezzed, and bearded, and these beards are fearful and wonderful things.
  • Several fezzed and vested waiters rush around taking orders from customers seated on bright cushions scattered around low wooden tables.

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There are 2 main definitions of fez in English:


Syllabification: Fez
(also Fès /fes/)
A city in northern Morocco, founded in 808; population 977,946 (2004).

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