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Syllabification: fib


A lie, typically an unimportant one: parents told little white fibs about out-of-wedlock births
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  • Even though he'd published all those dreadful fibs.
  • These little white fibs give me an uneasy feeling, and I begin to wonder why the shop would lie, when I am here to help save them thousands of dollars in fines.
  • And this is what truly makes running the piece rank propaganda down here, rather than just plain old fibs and/or misinformation.

verb (fibs, fibbing, fibbed)

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Tell an unimportant lie.
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  • But a Cornell professor recently claimed to have established the truth of a curious proposition: We fib less frequently when we're online than when we're talking in person.
  • I had to snap her out of it somehow, so I fibbed a little.
  • Besides, you two would have given away our true intentions, so I fibbed a little, is that a crime?


mid 16th century: perhaps a shortening of obsolete fible-fable 'nonsense', reduplication of fable.



More example sentences
  • There are fibbers, fabricators and feckless fabulists.
  • Britain is a nation of fibbers - and men tell more white lies than women - according to a new report.
  • Tommy, who has the reputation as a fibber, can't get his parents or the police to believe him.

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