Definition of fifteenth in English:


Syllabification: fif·teenth
Pronunciation: /fifˈtēnTH
, ˈfifˌtēnTH


1Constituting number fifteen in a sequence; 15th: August the fifteenth the fifteenth century on the fifteenth floor
More example sentences
  • Of all the major versions of humanism, the Renaissance humanism that developed in Italy during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries has been the most influential.
  • How can you judge a scientist from this century against somebody who was working in the fourteenth or fifteenth century?
  • This elite had no formal place in the fifteenth century constitutions and was therefore not subject to direct control.
1.1 (a fifteenth/one fifteenth) Each of fifteen equal parts into which something is or may be divided.
More example sentences
  • Mr Howard said that on the Defendants' secondary case (by reference to Schedule 4 to the Claimants’ closing submissions), three fourteenths or three fifteenths of US $79.5 million would have been payable by the Defendants in August 2000.
  • In 1225 the government levied a tax on moveables at the rate of a fifteenth, but took care to show its concern for newly established constitutional proprieties through a definitive reissue of the charters.
1.2An organ stop sounding a register of pipes two octaves (fifteen notes) above the diapason.

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