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Syllabification: fis·sion
Pronunciation: /ˈfiSHən

Definition of fission in English:


1The action of dividing or splitting something into two or more parts: the party dissolved into fission and acrimony
More example sentences
  • We hope that further experimental studies will reveal fission and fusion promotion processes in real systems.
  • Several of these new departments have been reorganised on a number of occasions to accommodate shifting trends in policy, through what might be referred to as a process of fission and fusion.
  • In the current wave, processes of fission and disintegration predominate.
splitting, division, dividing, rupture, breaking, severance
1.1 short for nuclear fission.
Example sentences
  • Uranium fission plants in the US are presently supplying less than 8% of our total energy demand.
  • It produces no fission radioactive by-products or fallout of serious concern.
  • These fission products are not found in natural background radiation, but are exclusively byproducts of nuclear weapons explosions and nuclear reactor operations.
1.2 Biology Reproduction by means of a cell or organism dividing into two or more new cells or organisms: bacteria divide by transverse binary fission
More example sentences
  • We considered a model in which the proliferating cells divide by binary fission.
  • Primarily they reproduce asexually, which they accomplish by binary fission, or simple cell division.
  • Bacteria divide symmetrically during normal growth and have a central constriction to bring about binary fission of the cell.


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(Chiefly of atoms) undergo fission: these heavy nuclei can also fission
More example sentences
  • One of the differences between U235 and its common relative U238 is that U235 fissions very easily.
  • We will assume that once a seed has fissioned once, it continues to fission or effectively double in a time t 2, which is independent of the above distribution.
  • Most of the transuranium elements have isotopes that disintegrate by fissioning in addition to emitting alpha particles.


early 17th century: from Latin fissio(n-), from findere 'to split'.

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