Definition of fleeting in English:


Syllabification: fleet·ing
Pronunciation: /ˈflēdiNG


Lasting for a very short time: hoping to get a fleeting glimpse of a whale underwater
More example sentences
  • Her heavy lids hid her eyes so well that they were seen only momentarily, like the fleeting glimpse of water in a deep well.
  • Those joyful and fleeting moments in the streets give us a brief glimpse of what our worlds could be like.
  • And for that brief, fleeting moment, it almost didn't seem so bad.



More example sentences
  • But Jack is fleetingly remembered all these centuries later.
  • Getting her own flat only fleetingly crosses her mind.
  • Unfortunately, you refer to this fleetingly, half-heartedly and inaccurately.


More example sentences
  • There were writers I'd never heard of, proving the fleetingness of fame.
  • In the late fifties, for example, making art designed to live only in the present could embody a radical faith in fleetingness.
  • A lot of my songs are about death and the fleetingness of life.

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