Definition of flop in English:


Syllabification: flop
Pronunciation: /fläp

verb (flops, flopping, flopped)

  • 1 [no object] Fall, move, or hang in a heavy, loose, and ungainly way: black hair flopped across his forehead
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    • I looked up to see Brody onstage, his dishevelled dark brown hair flopping across his forehead and both hands hanging onto the microphone.
    • His black hair is flopping into his eyes and I can see an earring in his ear.
    • His dark brown, nearly black hair flopped over one eyebrow as he smiled crookedly, a smile girls back in Sanorn had once loved.
    hang (down), dangle, droop, sag, loll
  • 1.1Sit or lie down heavily or suddenly in a specified place, especially when very tired: Liz flopped down into the armchair
    More example sentences
    • Leeann squealed, suddenly flopping into a seat next to them.
    • There was some brief talk of adjourning to the bar, but we were too tired, and so flopped under the tightly-tucked blankets and sheets instead.
    • That concluded the nights broadcast and Danni exhaled heavily, flopping back onto the bed.
  • 1.2 informal Rest or sleep in a specified place: I’m going to flop here for the night
    More example sentences
    • By the time we'd finished we pretty much all felt we'd had enough to last a month and ended up flopped in the lounge watching the Dating Channel on Sky.
    • Of course, we all had far too much to eat, and ended up flopped on the settee feeling full but satisfied for the rest of the night.
    • He flopped underneath a clump of trees and slept exhausted.
  • 2 [no object] informal (Of a performer or show) be completely unsuccessful; fail totally: prime-time dramas that flopped in the US market
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    • Renamed A Kingdom for a Cow, the show flopped and instantly disappeared.
    • I think he knew Dunaway was going to get most of the attention - and, if the show flopped, most of the blame.
    • But a good many, if not most, of his shows flop, for reasons I can't comprehend, when I consider quality alone.
    be unsuccessful, fail, not work, fall flat, founder, misfire, backfire, be a disappointment, do badly, lose money, be a disaster
    informal bomb, tank, flame out, come a cropper, bite the dust, blow up in someone's face


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  • 1A heavy, loose, and ungainly movement, or a sound made by it: they hit the ground with a flop
    More example sentences
    • Suddenly, with a sickening slush and smell, the contents came free, sliding to the ground with a dull flop.
    • They dropped a rope ladder that fell with a flop all the way to the ground.
    • If she kept him far enough away, she thought grimly, ignoring the flops of her stomach every time she heard a step, she had a slightly larger chance of surviving.
  • 1.1 informal , chiefly US Short for flophouse.
    More example sentences
    • At the flops, the bums all eat the same thing.
    • He hadn't been out of the flop in three weeks except to go to a corner store and buy food.
    • Do you have a flop for the night?
  • 2 informal A total failure: the play had been a flop
    More example sentences
    • It pulls out all the stops to try to wipe her slate clean, to obliterate the flops and the failures of recent years.
    • You have some scenarios where it doesn't work out and then again, you have some players who stay in school for four years, come into the NBA and are a total flop.
    • She had boyfriends and lovers, but later admitted: ‘I've been a total flop with men.’
    failure, disaster, debacle, catastrophe, loser, loss-maker
    informal washout, also-ran, dog, lemon, nonstarter, clinker, turkey, busted flush


early 17th century: variant of flap.

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