Definition of fluoroscope in English:


Syllabification: fluor·o·scope
Pronunciation: /ˈflo͝orəˌskōp, ˈflôr-


An instrument with a fluorescent screen used for viewing X-ray images without taking and developing X-ray photographs.
More example sentences
  • At the far end of the room was a door that we knew led into the testing area - full of fluoroscopes and x-ray machines and other bits of kit with unpronounceable names.
  • It can be done, but it would be preferable to be done by someone who could use either an ultrasound or a fluoroscope to be sure they're in the right place.
  • The plaintiff's claim for loss of business is based in part on an estimate of billings provided by Dr. McMaster, a veterinarian who uses a fluoroscope produced by a different manufacturer.



Pronunciation: /ˌflo͝orəˈskäpik, ˌflôr-/
More example sentences
  • Under fluoroscopic, CT or ultrasound guidance, small needles can be placed in areas of abnormality, and samples can be taken for cytologic or pathologic testing.
  • On the second hospital day, after the chest CT exam, this pulmonary abscess was drained under ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance and a sump catheter was left in place.
  • The right pneumothorax was found to be loculated, and was drained by interventional radiology who placed two chest tubes into the locules under fluoroscopic guidance.


Pronunciation: /ˌflo͝orəˈskäpik(ə)lē, ˌflôr-/
More example sentences
  • Computed tomographic guided biopsy was performed in 245 patients, ultrasound-guided biopsy in 82 patients and fluoroscopically controlled biopsy in 190 patients.
  • Finally, choosing a point 5 cm above the sudden pH drop or attempting fluoroscopically guided placement have been suggested.
  • A biopsy needle is passed through the FB and fluoroscopically guided into the target lesion.


Pronunciation: /flo͝orˈäskəpē, flôr-/
More example sentences
  • Ultrasound and X-ray fluoroscopy have long been used in this role, though both have certain drawbacks.
  • However, unlike conventional fluoroscopy, CT fluoroscopy employs a tightly collimated beam that confines the skin dose to a narrow area.
  • The x-ray teams were aware, to some extent, of the danger to themselves from radiation exposure, particularly from fluoroscopy.

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