Definition of foggy in English:


Syllabification: fog·gy
Pronunciation: /ˈfôɡē
, ˈfäɡē

adjective (foggier, foggiest)

1Full of or accompanied by fog: a dark and foggy night
More example sentences
  • It was a quiet, dark night, foggy and drizzling with rain.
  • His eyes were still foggy with sleep and his hair was tousled.
  • The room was cold and foggy, and it was difficult to see clearly.
1.1Unable to think clearly; confused: she was foggy with sleep
More example sentences
  • It gives me a headache and makes me feel foggy and confused for the rest of the day.
  • She nearly fell in her decent; her mind mixed in a foggy, blurry, confused mess as she stumbled into the cave.
  • The next day I woke up groggily, my brain and eyes still foggy from sleep.
muddled, fuddled, befuddled, confused, at sea, bewildered, dazed, stupefied, numb, groggy, fuzzy, bleary;
dark, dim, hazy, shadowy, cloudy, blurred, obscure, vague, indistinct, unclear
informal dopey, woolly, woozy, out of it
1.2Indistinctly expressed or perceived; obscure: exactly what the company hopes to achieve is still foggy
More example sentences
  • All was foggy, obscure, clotted over and Lia backed against the wall, drew her knees to her chest and took in a deep breath.
  • The next few moments were a haze and Althio could not really remember the events that followed, it was somewhat foggy to him.
  • While this is not always true, it does exist here and it adds another layer of foggy, depersonalized confusion as to who and watch we are watching.


late 15th century: perhaps from fog2.


not have the foggiest (idea or notion)

informal Have no idea at all.
More example sentences
  • The average consumer doesn't have the foggiest idea of what these numbers mean.
  • Not that I know - I don't have the foggiest idea of who is out there.
  • And they still don't have the foggiest idea what the church is.



More example sentences
  • London is one undistinguished mass of soot and fogginess.
  • She shook her head to clear the sleepy, fogginess in her head that matched what she had been pulled through.
  • The past is so distant, shrouded with the mists of heartbreak and the fogginess of time.

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