There are 2 main definitions of former in English:

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former 1

Pronunciation: /ˈfôrmər/


1Having previously filled a particular role or been a particular thing: her former boyfriend
More example sentences
  • Previous solo albums by former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon were almost the sound of a man apologising for having once been in the charts.
  • The former cricket umpire had previously been picked up once every three months by ambulance for check-ups at the hospital.
  • In fact, she was a former bankrupt who had previously been charged with insurance fraud.
1.1Of or occurring in the past or an earlier period: in former times
More example sentences
  • Euro RSCG Arks has lost several major accounts and shrunk to a third of its former size in the past two years.
  • In a nod to the county's former hippy past, the company's head chef is said to have formerly worked for the rock band Grateful Dead.
  • It's easy to forget the former blight and decay of this part of Southwark.
earlier, old, past, bygone, olden, long-ago, gone by, long past, of old
literary of yore
2 (the former) Denoting the first or first mentioned of two people or things: those who take the former view [as noun]: the powers of the former are more comprehensive than those of the latter
More example sentences
  • Aquinas leans in the direction of the former view, but realizes that the latter could in fact be the case.
  • The left take precisely the opposite view, condemning the former assault but applauding the latter.
  • The essence of the former view can be presented as follows.
first-mentioned, first


Traditionally, former and latter are used in relation to pairs of items: either the first of two items (former) or the second of two items (latter). The reason for this is that former and latter were formed as comparatives, and comparatives are correctly used with reference to just two things, while a superlative is used where there are more than two things. (So, for example, strictly speaking one should say the longest of the three books but the longer of the two books.) In practice, former and latter are now sometimes used just as synonyms for first and last and are routinely used to refer to a contrast involving more than two items. Such uses, however, are not acceptable in good English style. Therefore, if you’re referring to winter, spring, and summer, for example, it would be correct to say I find the last most enjoyable, not I find the latter most enjoyable.


Middle English: from Old English forma (see foremost) + -er2.

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dormer, korma, Norma, performer, pro-forma, stormer, transformer, trauma, warmer
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There are 2 main definitions of former in English:

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former 2

Pronunciation: /ˈfôrmər/


1A person or thing that forms something: [in combination]: an opinion-former
More example sentences
  • He was speaking in Dublin at the Bord Bia European Meat Forum, attended by more than 170 beef buyers from major European retail groups, along with international opinion formers and media representatives.
  • Another step will be to host familiarisation trips (known in the trade as ‘fam trips’) to bring opinion formers such as journalists to visit the city and by so doing to build a positive image for it.
  • Note too that blog readerships are dominated not simply by affluent ABs, but by other significant opinion formers: politicians, academics and broadcasters.
1.1A transverse strengthening part in an aircraft wing or fuselage.
Example sentences
  • The prototype aircraft was powered by a Wright R - 975 Whirlwind of 420-hp and the fuselage was constructed of steel tubing with wood and metal formers and wooden stringers.
  • In that configuration, the computerized mechanism will weld the formers and stringers to the three separate fuselage sections laid out on jigs under the moving gantry.
  • Around the basic tube fuselage, Gordon added wooden stringers and formers to give the unit its desired shape.
2 [in combination] chiefly British A person in a particular school year: fifth-formers
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