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Syllabification: fowl
Pronunciation: /foul

noun (plural same or fowls)

(also domestic fowl)
  • 1A gallinaceous bird kept chiefly for its eggs and flesh; a domestic cock or hen.
    • The domestic fowl is descended from the wild red junglefowl of Southeast Asia (see jungle fowl)
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    • Although this assumption has not been rigorously tested in wild bird populations, data from domestic fowl suggest that, indeed, immunocompetence measurements might not be antigen specific.
    • These birds also express high levels of a bacteriolytic lysozyme which is more similar in amino acid sequence to the rock pigeon than that of the domestic fowl.
    • Breeds of domestic fowl are described under hen/chicken breeds.
  • 1.1Any other domesticated bird kept for its eggs or flesh, e.g., the turkey, duck, goose, and guineafowl.
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    • In addition, my family included nine dogs, about 40 ducks and domestic fowls, eight geese, a Bornean deer that weighed about 150 pounds, and two long-armed apes.
    • In one large enterprise about two years ago they started breeding fowl - chicken and geese.
    • The government destroyed almost 1.4 million chickens, ducks, geese and other fowl in the territory last month to stop the spread of an avian influenza.
  • 1.2The flesh of birds, especially of the domestic cock or hen, as food; poultry.
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    • There was other meat galore, too, steak, pork, fowl, bacon, etc.
    • The borders are now completely closed for beef, fowl and pork imports.
    • If you like red meat better than fowl, eat it more often.
  • 1.3Birds collectively, especially as the quarry of hunters.
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    • These would eventually have flourished, destroying the local housing and creating a forest teeming with fish, fowl, and game.
  • 1.4 archaic A bird.
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    • The birds we have had have been the ordinary fowl of a village garden: jackdaws, starlings, magpies, chaffinches and so on.


Old English fugol, originally the general term for a bird, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vogel and German Vogel, also to fly1.

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