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Syllabification: frill
Pronunciation: /fril


1A strip of gathered or pleated material sewn by one side onto a garment or larger piece of material as a decorative edging or ornament.
More example sentences
  • It was pink, with frills around the collar and bottom hem.
  • The sleeves of the shirt were, thanks to Allicia, immaculately black, the frills of the cuffs ruffled lightly.
  • There were tucks and folds and frills and bows and lace and rhinestones and embroidery and ribbons all over it.
1.1A thing resembling a frill in appearance or function: a frill of silver hair surrounded a shining bald pate
More example sentences
  • To overcome the wax problem one may use a paper frill, or a silver foil mince pie container to create a collar containing the wax.
  • One variety has double flowers that are a mass of frills but it almost seems like too much perfection in one flower.
  • In his book on orchids he documents the elaborate frills and furbelows, gimmicks and traps, that lure and exploit insect pollinators, thereby ensuring cross-fertilization.
1.2A natural fringe of feathers or hair on a bird or other animal.
More example sentences
  • These reptiles are often ornamented with a crest of scales along the back, as well as assorted spines, frills, and throat fans; all this gives them a remarkably prehistoric appearance.
1.3 Paleontology An upward-curving bony plate extending behind the skull of many ceratopsian dinosaurs.
More example sentences
  • Their ornamented dome may have served as a communication system that was primarily visual within species, analogous to the crests, horns, and frills of ceratopsid dinosaurs.
  • On some Triceratops fossils, both on the face and on the frill (the only plate extending back over its neck), there are healed puncture wounds.
  • For example, let's say you've got an eight-foot long skull of a Triceratops-like dinosaur adorned with horns over the nose and eyes, and an elongated bony frill sticking out behind.
2 (usually frills) An unnecessary extra feature or embellishment: it was just a comfortable apartment with no frills
More example sentences
  • In an article last October, I described how my wife and I planned to chop around £800 a month from our expenses by cutting back on unnecessary luxuries, frills and trimmings.
  • It's as nice a defensive pistol as you can buy, with every feature needed and no unnecessary frills.
  • ‘Our clients are paying for our services, not the extra frills of working from the glassy palaces of Covent Garden,’ he said.
ostentation, ornamentation, decoration, embellishment, fanciness, fuss, chi-chi, gilding, excess;


late 16th century: from or related to Flemish frul.



More example sentences
  • To my delight, it really is frilled and ruffled.
  • The petals may be overlapped, recurved, frilled, crinkled or ruffled.
  • She wore a conservative blouse of dark cream chiffon, with a high, frilled collar and ruffles up the front.


Pronunciation: /ˈfrilərē/
More example sentences
  • That's serious stuff, folks - and incredibly tasty - but described without fanfare and presented with grace in lieu of frillery.
  • Remove all of this nasty green frillery and replace it with good British blackthorn, beech or other ‘proper’ hedge.
  • Patches might be worn by badge holders, but the actual badge is the talisman, the other just frillery.

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