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front end

Syllabification: front end


  • 1The front of a car or other vehicle.
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    • For example, in the offset test, heavy vehicles need to have a stiff front end to pass.
    • In situations where you would expect understeer on street tyres, the sticky rubber endows the front end with amazing grip.
    • Just try not to push the front end too much or load the front tyre beyond its limit.
  • 2The part of a radio or television receiver to which the aerial signal goes first.
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    • Mobile radios are designed to be very wideband, especially in the front end.
    • Apollo Telescope Mount front end at the moment of film retrieval by astronaut.
    • For instance, filtering techniques in an RF front-end mitigate out-of-band jamming from the unit's LCD screen or other radios.
  • 3 Computing A part of a computer or program that allows access to other parts.
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    • One area where most codec makers have fallen short is in providing useful software front-ends for tweaking audio.
    • The software supports multiple front-ends, including a standard GPS L1 front-end providing IF samples with a resolution of 1, 2, or 4 bits per sample over a USB2.0 interface in real time.
    • The Desktop Linux Consortium includes a number of firms involved with crafting desktop Linux distributions and front-ends.


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  • 1(Of money) paid or charged at the beginning of a transaction: a front-end fee
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    • I hope that the Minister's doubts can be resolved in favour of boosting private savings by front-end tax incentives.
    • Financial Engineering Network charges a front-end fee of €4,950 to establish the fund from start to finish.
    • Even without the high front-end payments, many policyholders faced unknown and potentially high copayments.
  • 2 Computing (Of a device or program) directly accessed by the user and allowing access to further devices, programs, or databases.
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    • Sane software comes in two parts: the back-end driver software and the front-end user interfaces.
    • The front-end tool he chose was Wylib, which he had coded.
    • Because this approach does not require a front-end switch, it's easier to scale through a single set of trunk interfaces.

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