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Pronunciation: /ˈfəzē/

adjective (fuzzier, fuzziest)

1Having a frizzy, fluffy, or frayed texture or appearance: a girl with fuzzy dark hair
More example sentences
  • After drying, and brushing, and pulling and brushing and drying some more, my hair was one huge, frizzy, fuzzy mop.
  • I had a closer look at these guys and the white appears to be like fuzzy hairs.
  • These extraordinary dinner companions offer the textures and flavors of fuzzy peaches, margaritas, and blackberries.
frizzy, fluffy, woolly;
downy, soft
2Difficult to perceive clearly or understand and explain precisely; indistinct or vague: the picture is very fuzzy that fuzzy line between right and wrong
More example sentences
  • Vernacular psychology has it that emotions are irreducibly mysterious, too fuzzy and indistinct to analyse beyond a certain point.
  • The element being used to flesh out this film to its original version is hampered by a fuzzy, indistinct print that has color and contrast issues.
  • The point is with getting the right slant on facts, such facts as we have, which are always incomplete and often indistinct and fuzzy.
blurry, blurred, indistinct, unclear, bleary, misty, distorted, out of focus, unfocused, lacking definition, nebulous;
ill-defined, indefinite, vague, hazy, imprecise, inexact, loose, woolly
2.1(Of a person or the mind) unable to think clearly; confused: my mind felt fuzzy
More example sentences
  • However, my mind is still fuzzy, unable to make sense out of everything, just getting small glimpses and a feeling of fear and urgency.
  • I was fuzzy and disoriented after three weeks of cityhopping.
  • Her mind was fuzzy and she had a pounding headache.
confused, muddled, addled, fuddled, befuddled, groggy, disoriented, disorientated, mixed up, fazed, foggy, dizzy, stupefied, benumbed
2.2 another term for fuzzed.
Example sentences
  • They know exactly when to unleash the bombastic, fuzzy electric guitar to propel a sunny-day strummer to psych rock heaven.
  • And so, the album ends on an unexpectedly strong point, fuzzy guitars purring out simple, yet wonderful riffs.
  • Indeed, it's that track which kick-starts the album in such compulsive fashion, unfolding in a headspinning whirlwind of fuzzy guitars and nasally vocals.
3 Computing & Logic Relating to a form of set theory and logic in which predicates may have degrees of applicability, rather than simply being true or false. It has important uses in artificial intelligence and the design of control systems.
Example sentences
  • An adaptive fuzzy control system prioritizes files for broadcast delivery or acquisition.
  • Process monitoring is performed by a controller that uses fuzzy logic and neural network technology.
  • Risk measurement with this fuzzy logic system produces an interval scale that enables some parametric analysis.


warm fuzzy (or warm and fuzzy)

informal, chiefly US Used to refer to a sentimentally emotional response or something designed to evoke such a response: babies require a lot of attention, not just momentary warm fuzzies
More example sentences
  • It's the usual questionnaire which invites the interviewee to give many negative responses without ever actually asking why you aren't warm and fuzzy.
  • The company's putting on a nice public face, but the degree of insider sales by senior officers does not make one feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Yeah, you can send care packages and put yellow ribbon magnets on your car to make you feel all warm and fuzzy that you're doing your own small part.



Pronunciation: /ˈfəzəlē/
Example sentences
  • In the eighteenth century, Presidents Washington and Jefferson of the United States had the wisdom to reverse the case for ‘democracy’ leading to most people being fuzzily convinced that democracy is sacrosanct.
  • As in many Asian countries, Indians had highly diffused and fluid self-understandings, which made it possible for them to identify easily with two or more fuzzily defined communities.
  • Nine nights out of ten, I'll have reclaimed my coat by then, smiled fuzzily at the security guys and pushed through the door into the cold night air - heading, one way or another, for home.


Pronunciation: /ˈfəzēnis/
Example sentences
  • The very small image isn't sharp either, with no real details in the shadows and a general fuzziness, despite noticeable edge enhancement.
  • Error, obscurity, conceptual fuzziness, and sheer ignorance are part of science, just as they are in any other human activity.
  • The question is, however, whether the traditional concept of a rule can be maintained if allowance is made for vagueness or fuzziness.

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