There are 2 main definitions of gander in English:


Syllabification: gan·der
Pronunciation: /ˈɡandər


1A male goose.
More example sentences
  • There are no pelicans to pose a threat to the geese, ganders and goslings.
  • Rival ganders chased one another with necks lowered and wings spread.
  • Cliches about sauce, geese and ganders spring to mind.
2 [in singular] informal A look or glance: take a gander at that luggage
[from criminals' slang]
More example sentences
  • You can look up artists in past issues, view reader art, buy T-shirts or take a gander at their links section.
  • If you could have someone come in and take a gander at your living room, would you let them in the house and what would you like to change?
  • Lest you think this petty criticism, take a gander at the much more informative Los Angeles Times story generated by the same press conference.


[no object] US informal Back to top  
Look or glance at something: Paulie gandered at shelves full of coffee paraphernalia


Old English gandra, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gander, also to gannet.

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