Definition of garter snake in English:

garter snake

Syllabification: gar·ter snake


1A common, harmless North American snake that typically has well-defined longitudinal stripes and favors damp habitats. It is occasionally kept as a pet.
  • Genus Thamnophis, family Colubridae: several species, in particular T. sirtalis
More example sentences
  • On wildlife refuges in Arizona where Schwalbe studies the amphibian, bullfrogs have nearly eliminated the Mexican garter snake and the Chiricahua leopard frog.
  • When hiking in Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, you do need to take care where you put your feet and hands - it's home to the prairie rattler as well as the bull snake, wandering garter snake and plains garter snake.
  • Garter snakes may be the most common snakes in North America, but the subspecies known as the red-sided garter snake provides an uncommon annual spectacle.
2A venomous burrowing African snake that is typically dark with lighter bands.
  • Genus Elapsoidea, family Elapidae: several species
More example sentences
  • This is the black garter snake, not to be confused with American garters.

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