There are 2 main definitions of gate in English:

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gate 1

Syllabification: gate


1A hinged barrier used to close an opening in a wall, fence, or hedge.
Example sentences
  • Andrew drove up to the front gate; the gate was closed, but there was a check-in station.
  • The gunmen in all cases were greeted with hospitality and obeyed requests from the owners to close gates, not break fences or frighten animals.
  • Many walls, fences and gates have to be clambered over.
1.1A gateway: she went out through the gate
More example sentences
  • I found a group of men standing outside the gates of the port, clamoring for customers to get into their cabs.
  • At irregular intervals, metal doors and gates gave access to whatever was behind the wall.
  • The site now includes parking, special access gates, wide and clearly visible footpaths, reinforced grass areas and an interpretation board with Braille panel.
1.2An exit from an airport building to an aircraft.
Example sentences
  • The small group stood together at the departure gate at Sheridan Airport.
  • The group searched four airport departure gates and, after they could not find the man, returned to the checkpoint to retest the machine.
  • The flight was cancelled and the aircraft returned to the gate.
1.3 [in names] A mountain pass or other natural passage: the Golden Gate
2The number of people who pay to enter a sports facility, exhibition hall, etc., for any one event: [as modifier]: gate receipts
More example sentences
  • By the very nature of their popularity, certain people can act as role models for the young, lend their good name to charity or simply add thousands to the gate of a sporting event.
  • They are currently lying seventh in the crowd table with an average gate of 8,662.
  • One, a bigger gate means greater admissions and therefore a greater return on the money.
2.1The money taken for admission.
Example sentences
  • It has the moral right to know whether the money collected from gates is ploughed back into the sport.
  • They cannot, should not and will not disturb the basic formula: pooling the TV money and splitting the live gate.
  • Clubs cannot live on their gate receipts and television money is non-existent so there is a definite need for clubs to be strong throughout the country.
3A device resembling a gate in structure or function, in particular.
Example sentences
  • This strongly favors the hypothesis that the packing deficiencies detected in membrane gates might be functionally important.
  • Now model years 2001 to 2005 are being recalled because their rear lift gates, well, they could open during a crash.
  • We now know that those gates are proteins which, by coiling and uncoiling like a snake, can change their configuration and hence their opening and closing like gates.
3.1A hinged or sliding barrier for controlling the flow of water: a sluice gate
More example sentences
  • Workers removed a road and excavated swales to allow tidal action on the parcel, and installed a tide gate to permit water control.
  • The next morning, the kampu opens a wooden gate, releasing a flow of water that provides about nine hours of daytime irrigation.
  • Better and more precisely operated control gates were installed in the canals so that water could be measured more carefully.
3.2 Skiing An opening through which a skier must pass in a slalom course, typically marked by upright poles.
Example sentences
  • She picked up four seconds of penalties on her second attempt at the course after touching two gates.
  • This allows for speed to be carried off the ramp and into the first few gates of the course.
  • With gates to manoeuvre and unpredictable waters to negotiate, mental steel will be as vital as physical strength.
3.3A device for holding each frame of a movie film in position behind the lens of a camera or projector.
Example sentences
  • After some panicky confusion, the lights dimmed, and a single frame appeared locked in the projector gate.
  • I'm convinced that film has a soul, and for me it's the jiggle in the [projector] gate.
4An electric circuit with an output that depends on the combination of several inputs: a logic gate
More example sentences
  • That is, the output of a gate is fed back into the input.
  • Fundamental to these operations are electronic gates for handling Boolean logic.
  • These two gates are simply combinations of an AND or an OR gate with a NOT gate.
4.1The part of a field-effect transistor to which a signal is applied to control the resistance of the conductive channel of the device.
Example sentences
  • In an embodiment, the gate of a drive transistor is controlled by the charge on a storage node.
  • The field effect transistor includes a gate over a silicon substrate.
  • Transistors in each column of the display have connected gates and in each row have connected sources.


[with object] (usually be gated) British Back to top  
Confine (a student) to school or college: he was gated for the rest of term


get (or be given) the gate
North American informal Be dismissed from a job.
Example sentences
  • I can't see him getting the gate under any circumstances, but the natives are very restless, and a .500 campaign or less will make things much worse.


Old English gæt, geat, plural gatu, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gat 'gap, hole, breach'.

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There are 2 main definitions of gate in English:

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gate 2 Line breaks: gate

Entry from British & World English dictionary


(In place names) a street: Kirkgate


Middle English (also meaning 'way' in general): from Old Norse gata; related to German Gasse 'street, lane'.

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