There are 2 main definitions of gaunt in English:

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gaunt 1

Pronunciation: /ɡônt/


1(Of a person) lean and haggard, especially because of suffering, hunger, or age.
Example sentences
  • She was gaunt, painfully thin, expressionless, wearing a sleeveless top, dark pants, and sandals.
  • Its twisted trunk and mangled branches resembled a terrifyingly gaunt person arching their back in immense agony.
  • He is a fair, gaunt man of Norwegian extraction, an international lawyer I think, and has a careful, courteous manner.
haggard, drawn, thin, lean, skinny, spindly, spare, bony, angular, rawboned, pinched, hollow-cheeked, scrawny, scraggy, as thin as a rail, cadaverous, skeletal, emaciated, skin-and-bones;
wasted, withered, etiolated
informal anorexic, (looking) like a bag of bones
dated spindle-shanked
1.1(Of a building or place) grim or desolate in appearance.
Example sentences
  • The tall buildings flickered with a glow of white, gaunt towers rising like obelisks in the night thrusting towards a heaven that would forever elude them.
  • Wherever I played football, the huge gaunt stadium was always the touchstone of my career, the place where I came home to show my people that I could still do the job.
  • He juxtaposes these gaunt scenes with striking black-and-white shots of beaches and landscape.
bleak, stark, desolate, bare, gloomy, dismal, somber, grim, stern, harsh, forbidding, uninviting, cheerless



Example sentences
  • It starts with some poets, gauntly tubercular sorts with laudanum habits and loose-fitting shirts.
  • The style is often lightly conversational, yet it is a gauntly powerful book.
  • The figure at Dick's bedside seems initially different, as he wakes ‘to find hunger standing at my bedside, staring at me gauntly’.


Pronunciation: /ˈɡôn(t)nəs/
Example sentences
  • His face is thin nearly to gauntness, and covered with sad lines.
  • He cocked his head and looked down at her, noting for the first time the shadows beneath her eyes, the gauntness of her cheeks.
  • He looked up as we approached and I was momentarily shocked by the gauntness, the almost metallic grayness that dusted what had once been a tawny coat.


Late Middle English: of unknown origin.

Words that rhyme with gaunt

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There are 2 main definitions of gaunt in English:

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Gaunt 2

Pronunciation: /ɡônt/
Former name of Ghent.
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