Definition of geocentric in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌjēōˈsentrik/


1Having or representing the earth as the center, as in former astronomical systems. Compare with heliocentric.
Example sentences
  • Can you envisage how concerned you'd become if your satellite TV company started planning its coverage using a geocentric system of astronomy based on the use of Ptolemy's epicycles?
  • Why did the heliocentric astronomical paradigm replace the geocentric one?
  • The heliocentric system opens up the possibility of aspect patterns that could never happen in the geocentric system - such as Venus in major aspect to the Sun.
1.1 Astronomy Measured from or considered in relation to the center of the earth.
Example sentences
  • The varying relationship between geocentric and heliocentric longitudes makes it difficult to calculate the exact chance of such a thing happening in any chart, but it is certainly over 95%.
  • A few taps on the pocket calculator show that the Moon's speed in its geocentric orbit is around 2,300 miles per hour, although variable between perigee and apogee.
  • As Mercury and Venus are closer to the Sun than to the earth, and move around the Sun much faster than the earth does, they have the widest variations between the geocentric and heliocentric positions.



Pronunciation: /-trik(ə)lē/
Example sentences
  • This places him in the curious position of simultaneously denying the reality of the Foucault pendulum experiment and claiming that it could best be described geocentrically.
  • As a result, any aspect made to the Sun geocentrically (in a normal natal chart) will automatically form a heliocentric aspect to the Earth - these aspects are extremely important.
  • Calculation of rising, transiting, and setting of various celestial objects is calculated geocentrically.


Pronunciation: /-trizəm/
Example sentences
  • Is it ‘denying free thought’ if the government doesn't teach geocentrism along with heliocentrism?
  • He tries, here, to talk the man out of his odd fixation on geocentrism and a non-rotational earth.
  • Born in Poland in 1473, it was the humble astronomer Nicholas Copernicus who challenged the geocentrism of Ptolemy with his own heliocentric universe.

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Syllabification: ge·o·cen·tric

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