Definition of gill slit in English:

gill slit

Syllabification: gill slit
Pronunciation: /ˈgil ˌslit


  • 1Any of a series of openings between the gill arches of a fish, through which water passes from the pharynx to the exterior, bathing the gills in the process.
    More example sentences
    • One small gill slit is found in front of each pectoral fin.
    • Water exits through the gill slits at the back of the head.
    • Water is taken in through the spiracles, passed over the gills, and expelled through the gill slits on the underside of the body.
  • 2A set of grooves similar to gill slits found in embryos of higher vertebrates.
    More example sentences
    • This may be illustrated by the gill slits in the embryos of higher vertebrates like reptiles, birds and mammals.
    • Thus, the gill slits of the early human embryo supposedly repeat our distant ancestral past as a fish, while the transient embryonic tail, developing just afterward, marks the later reptilian phase of our evolutionary ascent.
    • Another myth is the claim human embryos go through a fish-like stage and display gill slits.

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