Definition of given in English:


Syllabification: giv·en
Pronunciation: /ˈɡivən
past participle of give.


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1Specified or stated: our level of knowledge on any given subject
More example sentences
  • The site and range of control of pressure patterns decide the weather for any given area.
  • A player must obtain the specified number of runs and sets for any given round and play them on their field.
  • But this is not all: he feels that there is a little too much going on at any given moment.
specified, stated, designated, set, particular, specific;
prescribed, agreed, appointed, prearranged, predetermined
2 [predicative] (given to) Inclined or disposed to: she was not often given to anger
3 Law , archaic (Of a document) signed and dated: given under my hand this eleventh day of April


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Taking into account: given the complexity of the task, they were able to do a good job
More example sentences
  • Physically shutting down the site would be very difficult given that it is hosted overseas.
  • It's especially unfair given that she looks so good in those few scenes she's in.
  • That is very poor given that serving food is partly how they make their living.
considering, in view of, bearing in mind, in the light of;


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A known or established fact or situation: at a couture house, attentive service is a given
More example sentences
  • Thereby, things present themselves not as indifferent givens, facts, but as meaningful: salient, expedient, obstructive, and so on.
  • One aspect of the deconstructive turn is the realization that things that we take for granted as givens are in fact inventions.
  • They are thought to have established the basic givens of human existence - life and death, sexual difference and reproduction, and the cycles of corporeal and spiritual regeneration.
established fact, reality, certainty

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