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Syllabification: goose
Pronunciation: /go͞os

noun (plural geese /gēs/)

  • 1A large waterbird with a long neck, short legs, webbed feet, and a short broad bill. Generally geese are larger than ducks and have longer necks and shorter bills.
    • Several genera in the family Anatidae, especially Anser and Branta; most domesticated geese are descended from the greylag
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    • It also has contributed to the decrease of water fowl such as duck, geese, curlew, plover and snipe.
    • Wetlands are a lure for geese, swans, ducks, egrets, storks, herons and the icon of the Camargue, the pink flamingo.
    • Millions of birds - ducks, geese, pelicans, shore birds - use the sea each year.
  • 1.1The female goose.
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    • The identification mark on the head draws the difference between the female and male variety, goose and the gander.
  • 1.2The flesh of a goose as food.
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    • It is known that oysters, eel, corn bread, goose, venison, watercress, leeks, berries, and plums were eaten, all accompanied by sweet wine.
    • Christmas dinner includes roast pork or goose, blood sausage, sauerkraut, potatoes, and head cheese, with gingerbread cookies for dessert.
    • The traditional Christmas main course is now mushrooming into a smorgasbord of poultry and red meats, with many people offering goose, fillet steak and lamb on top of the perennial turkey and ham.
  • 2 informal A foolish person: “Silly goose,” he murmured fondly
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    • She called me a silly goose earlier… she's a nutcase as well.
    • But if we blithely assume that the second enclosure movement will have the same benign effects as the first, we may look like very silly geese indeed.
    • Lord, you're so good to me… Why am I such a silly goose?
  • 3 (plural gooses) A tailor’s smoothing iron.
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    • A goose is a tailor's iron; a donkey is a special board used for pressing sleeves and the shears are tailoring scissors.


[with object] informal Back to top  
  • 1Poke (someone) between the buttocks.
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    • Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt started goosing me in a sensitive spot and I couldn't stop laughing.
    • Never goose anybody with your wand, unless it is specifically called for in the ritual.
    • There are many times I saw him goose her affectionately as he walked by her in the kitchen.
  • 2North American Give (something) a boost; invigorate; increase: the director goosed up the star’s grosses by making him funny
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    • Others like hedge funds have compensation structures that offer them a fraction of the returns generated, and in an atmosphere of low returns, the desire to goose them up increases.
    • Economists generally view rising deficits as a short-term positive, goosing the economy, but as a long-term threat, tending to drive up interest rates.
    • So, you have both sides fighting very hard to make sure that the press isn't goosing the process along.


cook someone's goose

see cook.


Old English gōs, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gans and German Gans, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin anser and Greek khēn.

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