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Syllabification: grab
Pronunciation: /grab

verb (grabs, grabbing, grabbed)

[with object]
  • 1Grasp or seize suddenly and roughly: she grabbed him by the shirt collar she grabbed her keys and rushed out
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    • Lauren walked faster, scared now, and she was still trying to place the voices when suddenly she felt someone grab her roughly around the waist.
    • Suddenly, he grabs her savagely by the arm and throws her at the nearest wall.
    • Two pairs of hands grabbed me roughly by the arms and started dragging me up the steps.
    seize, grasp, snatch, take hold of, grip, clasp, clutch; take
    informal glom on to
  • 1.1 [no object] (grab at/for) Make a sudden snatch at: he grabbed at the handle, missed, and nearly fell
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    • Then he started grabbing at the door handle and pulled open the door and as it crashed back broke the pane of glass with his fist.
    • The sudden jerking of the truck caused Blair to grab at his injured side.
    • Meg grabs at his hand as he tries to tuck it under his armpit.
  • 1.2 informal Obtain or get (something) quickly or opportunistically, sometimes unscrupulously: I’ll grab another drink while there’s still time someone’s grabbed my seat
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    • I excused myself quickly, grabbing a muesli bar on the way out of the kitchen and I shut myself in what was to become my bedroom.
    • I quickly grab a seat with Jake and Emily at the rear of the room.
    • We first stopped off at my house so i could quickly get changed and grab some money.
    get, acquire, obtain; buy, purchase, procure; secure, snap up; gather, collect, garner; achieve, attain
    informal get one's hands on, get one's mitts on, get hold of, bag, score, nab
  • 1.3 [no object] (Of a brake on a vehicle) grip the wheel harshly or jerkily: the brakes grabbed very badly
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    • Studies have shown that disc brakes grab faster and hold longer than drum brakes.
  • 2 [usually with negative or in questions] informal Attract the attention of; make an impression on: how does that grab you?
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    • Yep, I'm using an attention grabbing headline again to get you to read the article.
    • The voice is so attention grabbing, right from the first paragraph.
    • I try to strike a balance between attention grabbing and classical designs.


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  • 1 [in singular] A quick, sudden clutch or attempt to seize: he made a grab at the pistol
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    • As soon as I put weight on my feet I lost my balance and fell, only a quick grab for the headboard of my bed saved me from crashing to the floor.
    • Many companies want to make a quick grab for market share or return on investment, and with high prices both objectives can be harder to achieve.
    • I made a quick grab for her and pulled her down to the bed with me.
    lunge, snatch
  • 1.1 An act of obtaining something opportunistically or unscrupulously: they used the law to effect a land grab
    More example sentences
    • The movie Chinatown is a fictionalized account of that land and water grab.
    • Palestinians call it a grab for land they want for an independent state.
    • Vermonter Howard Dean's grab for the redneck vote has won him just the kind of support he doesn't want: white supremacists.
  • 2A mechanical device for clutching, lifting, and moving things, especially materials in bulk.
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    • The lessons had still not been learned by November the following year, when the mechanical grab ripped up part of a late medieval barge near Trig Stairs.
    • Their modern tracked cranes equipped with grabs and magnets can be seen operating at the dockside in Sligo harbour.
  • 2.1 [as modifier] Denoting a bar or strap for people to hold on to for support or in a moving vehicle: for elderly people, grab rails at strategic places are likely to prevent accidents
    More example sentences
    • A fall in a shower or bath without a suction fixed rubber mat or grab bars is dangerous.
    • Wall-mounted units can break away when subjected to the patient's weight unless they are reinforced with grab bars.
    • Elsewhere removal of tripping hazards, installing grab bars and living on a single floor all help.
  • 3 [usually with modifier] Computing A frame of video or television footage, digitized and stored as a still image in a computer memory for subsequent display, printing, or editing: a screen grab from Wednesday’s program
    More example sentences
    • One exception could be the ability to take screen grabs from live video and ship them immediately via e-mail.
    • The exhibit features a mélange of mediums, including drawings, photocopied photographs and video frame grabs.
    • They had used video grabs taken 2km into the march every three minutes throughout the five hour event.


up for grabs

informal Available; obtainable: great prizes up for grabs
More example sentences
  • The competition features nine categories and there are plenty of cash prizes up for grabs.
  • There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs so get dressed up and come along.
  • A winner will be drawn at each meeting and there are a variety of attractive prizes up for grabs.
available, obtainable, to be had, for the taking; for sale, on the market
informal for the asking, on tap, gettable



More example sentences
  • We are here to complain about the land grabbers who took our home away.
  • There was a huge amount of sympathy while others called us liars and money grabbers,’ he said.
  • They are the humble citizens who do their duties without the pomp and ceremony of media grabbers and they refuse to be seduced into a lifestyle that provides the temptation to shred all forms of decency.


late 16th century: from Middle Low German and Middle Dutch grabben; perhaps related to grip, gripe, and grope.

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