Definition of grammar school in English:

grammar school

Syllabification: gram·mar school


1US another term for elementary school.
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  • There's a grammar school, a high school, and a college.
2(In the UK) a state secondary school to which pupils are admitted on the basis of ability. Since 1965 most have been absorbed into the comprehensive school system.
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  • Northern Ireland still uses the selective grammar school system that was largely replaced by comprehensive education in Britain in the 1970s.
  • Surely it's obvious that a comprehensive whose pupils only do averagely well at age fourteen have a much better chance to get their pupils to improve than a grammar school where the pupils were already gaining excellent grades?
  • When Jean started at the school it was just changing from a grammar school to a comprehensive, and there were several years before it was totally comprehensive.
2.1A school founded in or before the 16th century for teaching Latin, later becoming a secondary school teaching academic subjects.
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  • As early as 1496, ‘freeholders of substance’ were obliged by law to send their sons to school from age eight and every town of any consequence had a grammar school teaching Latin.
  • Latin was taught in grammar school so that each new generation could study our shared history through the written word.
  • During the Middle Ages, the grammar school provided education for poor scholars intended for the church and for the sons of noblemen.

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