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Syllabification: grin
Pronunciation: /ɡrin

verb (grins, grinning, grinned)

[no object]
1Smile broadly, especially in an unrestrained manner and with the mouth open: Dennis appeared, grinning cheerfully
More example sentences
  • To our astonishment, Denis was grinning at us, and was even now heading in our direction.
  • Walk through the tiny airport at Yap, and a small tanned youth will grin at you broadly and place a flower arrangement on your head.
  • By now more than one third of the class was grinning broadly or chuckling to themselves.
smile, smile broadly, beam, smile from ear to ear, grin like a Cheshire cat;
informal be all smiles
1.1 [with object] Express with a broad smile.
More example sentences
  • "Thank you, " Chikan grinned at his brother.
  • He grinned his approval, smile instantly fading as he spotted something in the sand ahead.
  • ‘Hi, there!’ grinned a tall man with long, flowing, coppery hair when Belinda opened the door.
1.2Grimace or appear to grimace grotesquely in a way that reveals the teeth: (as adjective grinning) a grinning skull
More example sentences
  • For years now, human remains have become exposed in the eroding sand-dunes and it was not unusual to encounter a grinning skull when walking along a particular stretch.
  • The church is still there, as is the row of grinning stone skulls above the entrance, indicating it was used for burials during the Great Plague of 1665.


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A broad smile: “OK,” he said with a grin
More example sentences
  • I sit here with a silly grin on my face, feeling like I'm the first mother in the world to watch a child grow up.
  • He flashed the attendant behind the counter a dimpled grin and she smiled back warmly.
  • They smiled innocently up at the men, who looked down at them with silly grins, as if they had never seen a woman before.


Old English grennian 'bare the teeth in pain or anger', of Germanic origin; probably related to groan.


grin and bear it

Suffer pain or misfortune in a stoical manner.
More example sentences
  • So you just grin and bear it and somehow muddle your way through, always focusing on your kid's desire to have a good day with the other parent.
  • I've just got to grin and bear it and see what happens in the summer.
  • They're doesn't seem to be any redress - it's just a question of grin and bear it.



More example sentences
  • Compare Jimmy Saville, DLT and JohnPeel & KidJensen to whoever the anonymous grinners are who compère the show these days.
  • Certainly he is more believable when he's doing anger and hardness than when he deploys his constrained smile. He's not a grinner.


More example sentences
  • The very fact that journalists referred to their news reports as ‘stories’, implied that these contained more fiction than fact, he pointed out grinningly.
  • You cannot watch a 1970s nostalgia TV show without a thirtysomething pundit grinningly saying this with the air of someone breaking a taboo.
  • The innkeeper grinningly ushered us in and showed us to a table.

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